Monday, March 7, 2011

Superhero Questions

My son loves Ironman. Loves him. He has an Ironman figure that he carries around the house. They are BFFs. One day I overheard Zane asking Ironman if he had to go 'potty'. Ironman apparently answered in the negative.

"But Zane, what does Ironman do when he has to go poop?" I was genuinely curious as to what the answer might be, because they never address this sort of thing. Ironman doesn't ever come running out of the men's room with a piece of toilet paper stuck to his boot when there's an emergency. Neither does Superman, but he's an alien, so he gets a pass.

"Ironman no poop!"

"Does Ironman eat?" I asked.

"Zes(Yes), Ironman eats 'eminems'(M&Ms)." Zane replied.

"If Ironman eats, then he has to poop," I was attempting reason. With a 3 year old. I should have known better.

"Mama! Ironman NO POOP!" Zane was very firm about this. It was nonnegotiable.

Sorry, Ironman.


  1. That's funny. I often ask my almost three year to logically explain the strange things he says. It's more a form of entertainment for me because I know it will be something funny!

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  4. LOL That's cute ! One of my friend was saying that the best way to potty train little ones is to have them potty train their doll....Hmmm
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  5. I think it's time to get him the book "Everyone Poops"! No wonder he's always so cranky though!
    Thanks for making me smile!
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  6. HAHA! My 3 year old loves Iron man, and Spiderman. He has not address the no pooping issue but it is true, doesn't seem like the type that would poop. i love that he eats m&ms!

  7. I have a huge Ironman tattoo on my tricep. Everyome I see it, now, I will wonder about where he poops. Thanks.

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