Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Tiger Has Passed

My beautiful cat Tiger passed away peacefully this weekend. It was extremely sudden. On Thursday he was fine, by Sunday he was gone. Which wasn't nearly enough time to say goodbye, but I didn't get a say in that.

Tiger was a great cat. He was gentle, and loved to be petted. In fact, whenever someone would pet him, Tiger would purr like crazy. Tiger had the softest fur and loved to be brushed. He never bit or scratched anyone, and was always willing to play. He was chatty, and liked to hang out next to the fridge in hopes of getting a snack. When he wanted attention, he would sometimes swat me with his paw if I tried to ignore him.


Tiger liked to go outside in the backyard and hide in the bushes for a shot at the birds. He wasn't really interested in catching the birds; the one time he actually DID get a bird, he was so shocked that he dropped it.

This is my favorite Tiger picture, and how I will try to remember him: surveying his kingdom. I wish that I could look out at my world with the same assurance.

RIP, my old friend.


  1. Oh I am so very sorry. I lost my beloved kitty in July, also very sudden. I miss that cat, still. I wrote probably four or five blog posts about my cat this summer!

  2. Heartbreaking! Our pets do become a member of the family. So sorry for your loss. I'm a fellow Texan and found you on bloggy moms. And I'm your newest follower!


  3. Ohhh nooo. I am so sorry, I am crying as I read this. ((((hugs)))) to you...I know how very hard it is.
    My prayers are with you....Tiger was such a handsome boy and most importantly he was hugely loved.
    If you need anything just say the word ((((hugs)))))

  4. =( RIIP. Sorry to hear about your loss, he was such a handsome cat.


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