Saturday, January 22, 2011


What do you do when you come to a "Bump" in the road?

Do you even notice the Bump until it trips you? Does the Bump appear to you as a mountain in the road, or a minor mound?

Do you stop moving when you come to the Bump, thinking that you have reached the end of your journey? Do you then build a house, plant flowers on the Bump and live out the rest of your days?

Do you stop to study the Bump when you find it? Do you pause to consider the feelings of the Bump and the Bump's internal motivations for showing up on your path? Do you assume responsibility for the Bump, believing that it is your fault that the Bump appeared?

Do you blame the Bump for existing and being in your way? Do you feel that the Bump deserves to die because it inconvienced you by being there? Do you use dynamite to blast the Bump into oblivion, then complain about the hole created?

Do you go around the Bump? Do you go over the Bump? Do you go under the Bump? Does it even matter, as long as you continue on your journey?

Fear not the obstacles on your path, as they say.


  1. I anticipate that there will always be bumps. I don't waste energy fretting about a bump as each and every one can be solved. The answer is usually as clear as the nose on my face. I do what I can, turn it over to my Higher Power and ride it out. I will always thrive this way and you will, too!

    Happy Sunday!
    Love your blog.
    I'm so glad I found you at the blog hop.
    I'm a new follower.
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  2. Hmm I think I see the bump, close my eyes tightly, and jump over it praying that I will land safely on the other-side. When I do, I look back at the bump and say WOW that was a big bump.

    Love your blog! I am your newest follower from the hop! Hope you will stop by ThreeBoys and follow along too:)

  3. Following you from Social Blog Hop :-D

  4. I think I close my eyes, pray for help and try to gently roll over the bump! I don't handle them very well. But I have learned who to turn to, what kind of support I need and what it takes for me to get through it.
    Great questions. Really got me thinking.

  5. Happy Sunday!

    The bumps in road sometimes helps us to get ourselves together so we can be prepared for the journey.

  6. Those bumps in the road make and shape us into who we are. Sometimes they are something to relish, sometimes they are beyond aggrevating, sometimes they teach, sometimes can be celebrated, sometimes they make us weep, but all the time they shape us. :>

  7. Oh those bumps. I'd like to ignore them. But I've found that doesn't work well.
    I guess I just tackle each as it appears in the best way I can.
    And hope I got by it and didn't just walk in a circle.


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