Saturday, January 22, 2011

He Told Me

Previously I blogged about Zane's "go-to" sentence: "When the sun comes up, it will be light outside." I spoke to a speech pathologist friend about this. She pointed out that Zane probably liked the way the sentence sounded, and he liked the attention that he got when he said it. He is learning the power of words, she said. Fair enough.

However, I think that the best way to learn something is to change the routine up a bit after the initial aquisition. (I have no particular theory supporting my hypothesis, but that's how I roll.) So I decided to be pre-emptive.

Hey, Zane," I said to him while I was driving him with me to the store. "You know, when the sun comes up, it will be light outside." I expected him to repeat the sentence the same way he has the other eleventy-billion times.

"See? I TOLD you!" came the response from the back seat.


  1. Good for him. He hit your curveball out of the park!

  2. LOL! Yes he did! That will teach me to think that I am smart!

  3. Oh how I love that boy so very very much

  4. LOL. Unexpected answer. They will always amaze us.
    I am glad I found your blog through saturday hop.
    I am your new follower on GFC.
    Have a great weekend

  5. That is adorable! Smart little man.
    Stopping by from twitter. Thanks for the follow.


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