Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Joys of Language

My son's language has just taken off since he started daycare. The other day I realized that he is speaking in complete sentences more often, and using words he's never used before, and I get excited about that. Well, I get excited that I can actually understand him well enough to know that what he's saying is a sentence, anyway. I still have moments where I have absolutely no idea what he is saying, times where his words are too mushy for me to even guess. I will ask him to repeat himself, but Zane tends to be consistent in his speech, so if I didn't understand it the first time, chances are pretty good that I still won't comprehend, but then I will just "wing it".

Zane is now starting to throw plurals into the mix, which is great. I love it, and do a mental cartwheel(I'm really good at those kinds of cartwheels) inside when Zane correctly uses a plural. The other day Zane and I were in the car and several school buses passed us on their way back to the bus barn.

"Mama, School Bus-es-es-es!" Zane said. This is the only word where he says it this way. But he's very proud of himself. We do correct him and he says the word correctly then, but I like it when he says it that way.

It makes me giggle.


  1. My son started Montessori in September and we see the kind of changes that you do, his speech has come on brilliantly. Mind you, he is not at Zanes level yet, but he will. I was wondering if it was mixing more with other children that encouraged it? I think for HRH it showed him the value of trying to talk, does that make sense? Jen

  2. Yes, it does make sense that it was being with other children that showed both our boys how language could be useful for things other than seeing what you can get your Mama to do for you! ;-)


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