Friday, February 12, 2021

Not Today, Satan

Lately I've taken to haunting the local Dollar Trees.  My reason?  Cheap crafts, of course!  Where else can I find so many items that I can take home and look at while they collect dust?  Just kidding--what else can a Covid-confined chica like myself do while remaining inside and solitary for 90% of her weekend? Get crafty! I've been watching YouTube videos, and I'm dangerous. At the Dollar Tree, I can fill my basket full of stickers, delightful wooden shapes, yarn, and random crazy stuff, safe in the knowledge that I will spend no more than fifty bucks, at the most.  I've been sneaking over there at least once a week. I don't always buy stuff, but it is fun to look around.  

This afternoon found me with a little time, and off to the Dollar Tree I went.  I walked in and headed straight for some shadow boxes placed on an endcap.  As I turned the corner to walk the aisle, I noticed music playing.  That's nice, I thought. Then I realized that I was hearing the theme song from the movie The Exorcist.  


I looked around, because even though it was only a movie, something scary could pop right up.  It was a ringtone on someone's phone. Whew!  It was only a coincidence, my hitting the craft aisle to that tune.  Or WAS it?  Just in case, I said a few Hail Marys and held onto my St. Benedict medal a minute.  No way was Satan, or whatever that demon in the Exorcist was called, going to keep me from duly enjoying my crafts.  No sir.  I picked up some cool stuff and headed home.  Look what I made! 

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!! I have had multiple ringtones over the years, specifically for certain people. My sister? Girls Just Want To Have Fun. My son? Crazy Train. :)

    Love the dollar store for crafts. Glitter, poster board, and paint is my go to stuff. SO much cheaper than the craft store or even walmart. I am celebrating a local senior at the High School this year, you can gets o creative with their "gifts" and not need another mortgage to do something nice.


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