Monday, August 13, 2018

Life Is Too Short

I have a job.  When I am not working, I like to relax with my family, and do fun things.  I do not like to do the grocery shopping or clean the house(how in the heck does the toilet get that bad when there's only three people using it?).  I'll do those chores, but I will be almighty grumpy about having to do them.  Maybe at one point I was resigned to these activities, the scourge of housefraus. But not anymore. Cancer does help a person get their priorities straight.  So if I have the opportunity to send someone else, like Instacart, to the store for me?  I am hitting that button on my phone.  Life is too short, and if there's someone out there who is willing to brave the crowds for me and bring the groceries to my door, I am willing to pay them.  Yes, I spend a little more, but I would rather have more time to nap, crochet, have a family game night, or just about anything else. It's about convenience.

Life is too short.

There's several other activities that I think life is too short for.  As part of my more positive lifestyle, I am attempting to eliminate them.  For example, why do I need to feel guilty about eating that last piece of chocolate?  I know that we are supposed to share, but I determined that I really needed that piece of chocolate, and that was that.  What good does it do anyone, myself included, to feel guilty about that?  Especially when we all know that I would do it again in a heartbeat if I were presented with the same situation.  It's chocolate, and I am human.  No jury of my peers would find me guilty, so I am resolved to not feel guilty about it from henceforth.

Then there's holding a grudge. Injustices that we've collected over time from the people in our lives, that likely mean nothing to anyone else. Like that time so and so wore your favorite and most comfortable pair of jeans without permission, and she tore a hole in the seat, and you said that you would never forgive her as long as you lived.  Why was that crime particularly egregious?  What purpose does it serve to hold all these little grievances tightly?  If such things as grudges made your hair curly without the need of specialized hair devices, then I could understand maintaining a strong grip.  However, this is not the case. So if you're still angry about something someone said to you in third grade, I think that says more about you than the person you are angry at, don't you?  I am resolved to let go of my annoyance at that kid who ran over my foot in her wheelchair, even though I know she did it on purpose.  I resolve to let go of all of the petty.  Yes, I may struggle to keep my hands free of injustices against my person, but I feel that it is necessary for my own well-being.

Life is too short. What are some activities that you find to be burdensome?  Do share!


  1. I HATE to clean house. I was born without the organisation gene and I worked longer than I should have. I got behind with maintaining order in the house and have never caught up. Add to that, our ranks have swelled to one more person and they are a packrat too.

    I chastise everyone that we are downsizing as three big boxes of castaway items sit in the dining room. The head packrat (me) has to part with it tomorrow or else it will sit on the table until I give myself another deadline. Thank Goodness I am not a hoarder. Watching the show hoarder gives me the get rid of it vibe.

    Anyway, be careful what you ask for. You get rambling from a derelict housewife (me).

  2. I never feel bad about the chocolate. I'd just buy them another bar. End Point.

    I have let go of a lot of guilt. I do feel guilty about calling into work. I am slowly working hard to stop, since 4 years ago when I had a heart attack and still went to work, making myself worse, and nearly killing myself. But still... I feel bad that someone else has to do my job when I'm not there. We all have things, and I struggle to remember that I am just as important as everyone else.

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