Monday, January 1, 2018

Random Thoughts for The New Year

Do not adjust your computer screens.  That is indeed me,brave enough to use absolutely NO filter, with my faithful sidekick Bella.  Yes, we all serve a purpose, and today my purpose is to be a cat tree.  A meaningful task, if you're not allergic to cats.  Cats don't just trust anybody to be their cat tree.  You have to earn that privilege, by not completely freaking out when the cat attempts to jump onto your shoulder and hangs onto your back by its claws before scrabbling up to your shoulder.  Luckily, I was still in a non-caffeinated state of consciousness, and barely felt a thing. 

**The social media is full of optimism today, as everyone makes resolutions and goals and promises about weight loss, health, exercise, money, relationships, etc. The thick layers of hope being rolled out is a wonder, and I remember the line from Star Wars, that all rebellions begin with hope.   I don't usually do resolutions, because I tend to forget them about halfway through the month of January.  Then I have a guilt trip about forgetting, which is something that is completely out of my control.  Guilt doesn't really have much of a positive connotation, does it?  But it is not completely useless, because it keeps us from engaging in activities which might harm others.  Perhaps it would be best if I vow to not feel guilty over things that I cannot control.  Or perhaps I should send my leftover guilt to the current occupant in the White House, who seems to have none? 

**You never know what will create a community. Having gone through cancer brought me to one community. The Comedy Central game show Beat the Geeks gave me another.  A love of all things The Bloggess spawned an entire tribe of wonderful people, #TheBloggessTribe.  I've been a fan of Jenny Lawson for some time, because she is funny and she makes me laugh in the same way that Stephen King makes me hide under the covers. It's beautiful to find that she is using her superpowers for good, instead of evil.  My panic attacks have subsided for now, but when I needed them, the Tribe was there, even though I mostly just lurked.  Maybe in this new year, I should do more than just lurk.  I don't lurk at work, or in my home life, after all.  I can't just hide behind the fridge, like Buster from Arrested Development.  Yes, I watch too much television. 

**We are having a hard freeze here in the San Antonio area, which is hard to imagine.  It's below the magical number 32, and it will be that way until at least Wednesday. I share the opinion of many in this area that if it is going to be this cold, it should snow.  It should snow at least a foot, and should hang around a bit before melting.  That way, we can ride pieces of cardboard down the hills, and throw snowballs until our fingers get numb.  Yes, we had a little snow in 2017, but it's 2018.  Bring us more. 

**I need is an exercise routine that works on building muscles and endurance, but only takes 30 minutes. And is also very close to my house. And doesn't cost a ton.  I want to be more active, but not if it is inconvenient. I've decided to do another 5k this year, since I survived the first one.  Bring on the next.  And somewhere in all this cancer mess, I lost my "quiet place", where I used to visualize walking through a green forest.   I would like to find that place again. 

**So in this year of 2018, let us resolve to be kind.  Let us buy coffee for others in the drive thrus, and buy a senior citizen's groceries, if we can.  Let us also smile at others.  Ask how they are.  Make connections with the world, when you can.  Build up the community around us.   I have a feeling that we will need it. 

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  1. I've never been keen on resolutions in that I think it is a wish list sans motivation to change. Everyday is a day to change. This year I did make a resolution. It is to accept the obstacles and how far behind I am in my chores. No matter what, try to enjoy all I do. I would say that is a wish. But I have been charging this devil for the last 20 years and I lay down my sword.

    Congrats on posting your photo. You look good. I can't get that brave yet.


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