Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Overheard Conversation in a Middle School Hallway

I work in a middle school.  Most people, when I tell them this, look at me with horror at the idea of being around middle school kids, but I love it.  I adore middle school aged students the most, with their "not-quite-a-teenager-but-not-really-a-child" shenanigans.  Many of them sometimes act like the adults around them aren't there, they are so focused on their peers.  These two were in the halls, and they did not notice me walking behind them. Or perhaps they did notice me, and thought that I couldn't hear them. It's even money.

Teenager 1: Wanna fight?
Teenager 2: Yeah, I'll fight you. How about fifth period?

My ears perked up at this, and I listened more closely.  If these two were going to fight fifth period, I would have to hustle to find an administrator.  I continued to walk behind them. The two didn't seem to be angry or upset.  They were talking in normal tones.  I wanted to know more, and they didn't disappoint.

Teenager 1: No, I got a test.  How about after school?
Teenager 2: No, I got soccer.. How about Saturday in the park?
Teenager 1: No, I got stuff to do with my mom.  What about Sunday?
Teenager 2. I got church.
Teenager 1: Me too.

The two finally decided that they were just going to stay friends because they did not have the time to fight. They disappeared around the corner and I stopped at my office door.

A good decision, I think. 


  1. I taught middle school. My favorite fight story were two boys were to meet up after school by a golf cart bridge to fight. They both went to different bridges. I enjoyed the crew too.

  2. That is fantastic! (despite it reminding me about three middle school fights of my own...one that actually even took place!)

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