Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rogue One-ing We Will Go

Rogue One  the latest sage of the Star Wars world, starts showing in our part of the world today, and of course we will be there to watch.  With this big of an event in geek life, however, there was some preparation involved.  My husband found a website(the Nerdist, I think), which detailed all of the movies, and animated series episodes to peruse prior to seeing the film.  The Star Wars universe is an immense one, and everything is interconnected.  So, if you have spent any time at all watching the animated series the Clone Wars, or Star Wars Rebels, you will have a few more pieces of the puzzle in Rogue One than the average viewer. Rewatch the second and the third movies, and you'll have a few more, and you'll understand some of the in jokes and 

I'm not a gung-ho Star Wars fan, I'll admit that without shame.  Larry is gung-ho enough for a small country.   That man can reveal entire character lineages, discuss the construction of light sabers and quote vague myths from the Star Wars universe, and that's just fine. It's like that whole Sith thing; there can only be one per family, and Larry has that role. He and Zane discuss Star Wars quite a bit. As for me,  Lucas' efforts to turn an extremely whiny and entitled Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader, one of the most fearsome villains ever, has lead to some fierce conversations at our house.  Oh yes.  I went there.  I don't like whiny people.  Why would I find anything at all to like about a whiny guy with breathing problems?  I'm supposed to respect that guy?  Let's face it, I'd probably be the first person Vader force choked, because I wouldn't be able to resist making snarky comments. 

But since I love my husband and son, I've sat and watched as much of what Larry has viewed as I can.  Zane has watched, too, with his usual in-and-out attention span.  He has even watched a few YouTube videos, all on his own.  Something about Order 66, I think.  Larry was very proud. 

Star Wars is something we can do as a family, no matter how much of the universe we know.  Everyone loves a good story, and although the Star Wars universe is extremely derivative, it is a rousing good tale. I think that was, ultimately, George Lucas' motivation, way back when.  So tonight,  we will be at the theater, center of the row.  There will be popcorn, and Icees, and a crowd ready for anything  By the time the movie starts, we'll all be giddy.  

Good times. 


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