Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Best Part

I am one of those irritating people who tend to ignore my own emotions until they bubble up like lava and pour down the mountainside, causing havoc among the villagers.   It's certainly not intentional. I just prefer to focus on problem solving and worry about how I feel about it later.  But I've been told that this is not precisely a healthy choice, so I'm trying to do better.  In my efforts, I now randomly stop and take stock of what I'm doing and how I feel about it. 

I have noticed that I have many "best" parts of my day. 

My first "best" time is when I wake up before everyone else.  The whole house is silent, in anticipation of the day.  There's no sound of computers or gaming systems or environmentally friendly lights.  It's as if the entire world is asleep.  I like to walk down the stairs in the dark to prolong the quiet, even if our dog Maisy pummels down the stairs as if her butt is on fire.  I open the back door to let her out. Then the lights are turned on...and so is the coffee maker.

My next "best" time of the day is when I pick up my son from school. When my sweet boy walks into the office and sees me--that smile!  Everyone on the planet should have someone smile at them like that.  Melts away any bad mood I might have left over from the work day.  We walk to the car, Zane chattering away about his day, and head for home. 

My third "best" time of my day is when my husband walks through the door.   That means that all of my family is in the house, and I can breathe easier.  The cats might be annoying each other and the dog might possibly be trying to sneak into the garbage, but the people closest to my heart are nearby. Everyone is where they should be, and all is right with the world. 

And my last "best" time of my day?  Right before I fall asleep.  The house is dark and quiet.  The dog is curled up at my feet.  My husband and my son are asleep, and it's just me. That's when I count my blessings,  say "thank you" to the heavens, and drift off.

Until at least two or three in the morning, when I usually have to get up and pee.  

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the mornings right before I get the kids up for school..quiet!

  2. I think the best part of my day is right after I wake up and I'm waiting for the coffee to brew. If I'm at home, I love the slowness of my Chemex pot - the quietness of it and the way it forces me to be slow. If I'm at my In-law's (where I stay during the week because I teach an hour away from where I live), it's an old electric pot but waiting for it is still that same quiet reflection. I feel like it sets me up for the day - slowly and calmly greeting the day.

    Jen - Pierced Wonderings

  3. That last line is funny. Too true. (about 2 or 3 in the morning.)

  4. I'm SO with you about getting up to pee ... Being childless, I don't know about #2, but I can feel the calm of the other times. Of course downunder, the best time of the day is on a day when I've found a new bakery :D

    1. Lord, Red! If I lived anywhere near you, we would be known by name at every bakery in a 100 radius!

    2. Pick a town, any town ... and I'll tell you what the bakery is like and/or which is the best one if there's more than one!

    3. PS Perhaps if we publicise that we're up for a bakery tour you could score yourself a free trip downunder?!?!?!

  5. I agree, early morning when all is quiet and still, is such a wonderful time of the day. That is when I do my best thinking. And, nothing is better than in the evening to know you are surrounded by the ones you love. Heart-warming post.

  6. Your first best part and the last best part are also my best-parts...
    Loved reading it ...:)

  7. I'm a night owl. The best time of my day is when I'm watching Netflix by myself with snacks when everyone else has gone to bed though I also enjoy picking our daughter up after school. I look forward to hearing about her day. :)

  8. I love how many times a day are your best!

  9. The mornings are definitely the best for me! But then as I started reading your other bests I was all, "oh yeah that too! mmhmm". So many little moments to appreciate so that the villagers stay safe.


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