Friday, October 17, 2014

With a Little Help

I am not an outwardly emotional person, at least in public.  I tend to be rather deadpan about most things, and even as the poop is flying through the air(yes that really happened), my demeanor appears rather placid.  Even with cancer smacking me hard, most people have no idea what is going on inside my head.  That's how I want it.  It's safer that way, to retreat into yourself as you prepare to deal with something pretty scary.  Except the funny thing about friends is that they pay attention to you.  They notice little things about you, quirks that you never even knew you had, and it isn't too long before they "get" you. They just seem to know what you need.
Those friends have done so much to raise my spirits.  My coworker support group has spent hours of text messaging time distracting me with discussions of The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and hypothetically bad horror movies involving honey badgers.  My friend evil Laura has put aside her usual searing sarcasm in our email chats.  My friend Michelle has been sending me articles about supplements that are supposed to help with surviving cancer.  People make positive and encouraging comments to me all the time.  They ask if they can pray for me(yes, I tell them.  I need all the help I can get.).

My friend Andrea, over at Maybe It's Just Me, has sent me postcards and notes and cookies(yum!) and lots of encouragement and positivity.  She's even offered to write letters to the medical companies that have annoyed me!

My friend Kirsten, over at The Kir Corner has sent me lots of hugs as well as reading my rants about everything that is happening.  And right now I have more things to rant about than a Rush Limbaugh- Glen Beck tag team. 

I appreciate all of you.  I carry the notes and cards and letters with me in my purse, and I take them out and read them when I need a boost.  Of course, then I cry, but it's a good cry.  My heart is so full of love that the tears just flow right over the top. 

Thank you.


  1. You never have to thank me..NEVER and I'm just not doing enough...but I've told you many many times you're not getting rid of me. I will pry, I will ask, I will pray, I will try very hard to make you giggle and I will curse this evil effing cancer with you and for you until it goes away.

    I love you my friend. *Crying the good cry with you* XO

  2. I'm a lot as you describe. Quiet and private. I hold things in. There are a few that see through it all, and I love them for sticking with me. I am so happy you have such wonderful support during a horrifically suckwad time. I'm a pray-er. I can do that! That Kir girl is kick ass and so are you!

  3. Tissues!!!! How could I forget to send tissues? They were sitting right here! We are all in your corner...I will even start watching scary shows if I need to (but glad the coworkers have that covered for now) ;)


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