Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pinterest Popcorn

"Hey, I found this great pin on Pinterest," I told my husband the other day. "You put the kernels in a glass bowl and microwave them."

I'd been reading all the stories about the chemicals used in microwave popcorn, and how evil corporations were slowly poisoning us all. I was concerned, because my family loves popcorn. I didn't want my family being sickened by Orville R. and his gang!  This recipe involved no chemicals, just good old doses of radiation. No harm there!  Plus, I thought that it would be fun for my son to watch the kernels pop.

I used to love popcorn when I was a kid. My mom would make popcorn in a pot on the stove, which involved a little vegetable oil and a lot of shaking the pot over the heat to keep the popcorn from burning. Popcorn was a special treat. When Jiffy Pop showed up, we started eating a lot more popcorn, because my mom no longer had to work so hard. Saturday nights would find the whole family gathered around the television, passing the popcorn back and forth.

This Pinterest recipe would eliminate those chemicals, and give us awesome popcorn. My son and I would bond over those pristine kernels bursting forth. I was excited and optimistic enough to even go out and purchase some plain popcorn kernels!

But my husband was skeptical. He got that look. You know the one. That look that says, "I am not eating that!"  Which disappointed me. How could anyone not want to eat popcorn? I was determined to at least attempt the recipe once. I looked to my son, and he was willing to help. We put the required amount of kernels into the glass bowl, and set the timer in the microwave.

My son is a typical child. He hates to wait even five seconds for anything. We stood staring through the microwave window at the bowl of popcorn kernels turning round and round...and nothing happened immediately.

"Where's the popcorn?" My six year old wanted to know.

"Just wait," I told him confidently.

"It's taking too long!" He whined.

"It's only been 45 seconds," I pointed out.  "You usually have to wait two minutes for the other kind.  Have a little patience."

Finally, after about a minute and thirty seconds, the first kernel burst into a beautiful white flower that looked like popcorn.  Then another.  I was transfixed, reliving old childhood memories.  However, my son had moved on, right out of the kitchen, once the action started.  He'd seen popcorn pop, and now it was onto the next adventure.  Which was talking his father into watching a movie he'd already seen 437 times. 

Once the microwave had done the job, I found that at least half of the kernels did not pop at all.  However, the popcorn, which I ate by myself, was awesome.  I enjoyed the trip down Memory Lane, even if nobody else did.

Mama’s Losin’ It

5.) Try something you saw on Pinterest!


  1. You know what works? Take a paper lunch bag, and put 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels in it. Add 1 tsp of vegetable oil, and shake the bag. Seal it up and microwave for around 3 minutes. You'll get a full bag of yummy popcorn without the chemicals. :-) Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

  2. I'm old enough to be your mom so my memory can really seem funky at times. My mother used her iron skillet in our small kitchen- dining room to pop paper grocery bags full of popcorn. About six or seven bags stowed in the trunk with a cooler stocked with sodas. We would go to the drive in movie and eat every bit. Good memories.
    Time speeds up when you get older. Now, everything has to happen fast enough to keep a child's attention. The world turns.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog - for the record, the sweet potato fries were quite yummy. I've been wondering about these popcorn-making instructions for a while. Good to know they work (at least somewhat) and maybe I'll try Esther's suggestion from the comment above.

  4. you can also do what Esther said above, WITHOUT the oil. You season the popcorn AFTER it pops. I make mine in a bowl with a lid (no oil) in the microwave. Afterwards I add olive oil and parmesan cheese, delicious

  5. Hooray for popcorn!!! I am happy that now I have a see thru lid on one of my pots so I can watch the magic! When you go back to the stove method, let me know and I will give you the kettle corn info!


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