Monday, May 5, 2014

The Funeral

Soft brown eyes stare

as one by one,

they arrive,

their enormous wings folding quietly.


surrounds the crisp morning air.

The tall grass a circle,

wildflowers wilting in sorrow.

The cortege has arrived.

Heads bowed, as if in mourning,

They feast.

42 words following this prompt:  Why do birds suddenly appear?  It just so happens that I passed an unfortunate deer this morning, and she was surrounded by turkey buzzards.  I was struck by the respectful pose of the birds, as if they were mourners at a funeral. 


  1. I can feel them watching in a quietly eerie way.

  2. I love the wildflowers wilting in sorrow.. haunting description.. well done!

  3. Some nice phrases in here.

  4. wow, this was just the way I pictured something like that even before I read your explanation. It is always an eerie sight to see how they clamor and huddle. Your words gave that image a soundtrack.

  5. Birds are the eeriest of creatures. They just gather and watch silently, then swarm in like the freaking swat team. Nicely done.

  6. The last two lines are so much in variance yet so true. Lovely.

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  8. How beautifully you have woven the idea of a vulture's feast into a funeral procession. Lovely!

    Shailaja's post

  9. That was very funny. I loved the somber tone then the revelation. Still smiling.

  10. Great descriptions here.


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