Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pep Talk

My lackadaisical efforts at dressing should have been a dead giveaway. Here I was, playing the fashion victim while grocery shopping for beer, ice cream and cookies. I didn't even care that the shirt I was wearing was stained with yesterday's flavors. I was there for caloric comfort, and not much else except a couple of movies to get me through the weekend.

The signs were there, if I'd been paying attention, but I was too busy choosing between Banana Split and Mint Chocolate Chip to notice. I walked out of the store with my purchases, cursing that it was 100 feet to my car. 

It wasn't until I was beached on the couch, the Mint Chocolate Chip container settled underneath my chin, spoon in hand, that it hit me.  I need to get myself some sweatpants, I thought, and it was as if a lightning bolt had hit me.

I had never owned a pair of sweatpants in my life. What was wrong with me?

I was obviously in some sort of a funk. 

There might have been a man at the heart of my gloom, but he didn't really matter anymore. I had never been the sort of girl to mope about.  It was time to get myself out of this rut. 

I turned off the movie, left the ice cream to melt in the sink, and showered. Then I dressed in my favorite dark jeans and boots and grabbed a dark shirt that wouldn't show any blood. I pulled my dark hair into a pony tail and tucked it underneath a blonde wig, and smiled at myself in the mirror.  My razor was already in my purse with the gloves, just in case I needed it. I was going hunting, and whether I found a good candidate or not, the anticipation got my blood humming. 

I felt better already.

The prompt is the third definition of FUNK.


  1. You scare me a little. You know, sometimes? ;)

    here I was all prepared to read about her sweatpants and romantic comedy marathon but I should have known better...
    (do you watch House of Cards? It's SOOOO good) a little "release" is always the best remedy for a broken heart.

    Sometimes. ;)

    (she could have just gotten her one night stand on. Geesh! LOL)

    This is fantastic (as if you do anything else)

  2. Whoah lady, I was just settling in for the ice cream and then you went out for kill!!!!!

  3. Seriously....thought you had started out talking about yourself until I read the man troubles bit.....then I knew....I got excited ready to read the rest......Who did she find?????

  4. Oh my oh my oh my! I was totally taken off guard! Going out for the night has taken on a new meaning! I loved this, what men make us do? {shaking head} :)

  5. Oh my gosh finish it already! I kind of NEED the next chapter of this one.

  6. Wonderfully written! Thanks for sharing this treat.

  7. Yikes! She should've just bought some sweat pants instead. Great twist!

  8. bahahaha I freaking love the turn this took. reminds me of my piece in a way. ;)

  9. Holy shit, Tina. There's this total epiphany with the sweatpants and I was like, you go, girl! and then, wait. So she's gonna go cut the sweatpants off some dude? Whoa! Hardcore. But she let the ice cream melt????? Sheesh.

  10. I loved this piece, Tina, and totally did not see where you were headed, which was an excellent surprise. And I love Kymm's comment above so much. What she said too. :)

  11. not a lot of leeway for your character there - one extreme or the other - now i know why i am afraid of overly happy people

  12. Oh man, I was all nodding my head about the sweat pants thing and then bam! :-) This is really well written. Thanks for linking up! So sad about the ice cream.


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