Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Zion Parker hated parties. Hated them with a passion usually reserved for sports rivalries and ex-girlfriends.  Now he found himself in the one place he never wanted to be.  A college party, no less!  He stood stone-faced against a wall on the far side of the room and stared out at a sea of heads bobbing in time to the blaring music.  Zion's head was throbbing with the beat, and the smell of cigarette smoke and spilled beer wasn't helping.  He just wanted some quiet, but the loud music seemed to extend throughout the house and into the neighborhood beyond. He was going to kill his roommate, as soon as he could find him in this crush. 

Someone bumped into Zion, and he looked down to see a small girl sprawled at his feet, knocked around by the dancing mob.  Dark hair was pulled back from an ethereal face as she stared, wide-eyed, up at him.  He was sure that he shared her look of astonishment, at least for a moment.  Then his goddess turned a pleasing shade of red and rolled over, trying to push herself up off the floor.  She got about halfway to her knees and fell a second time.  Concerned, Zion bent down to help her. The smell of her hair was an enticing mix of vanilla and lavender; it made him pause, and he couldn't help a small shiver of arousal as he spoke into her ear. 

"Are you all right?"

She turned toward him, her eyes laughing, and he could have kissed her lips right then, they were so close!  He missed the moment, and she turned those magnificent lips toward his ear.  Her warm breath sent tremors of passion rolling over his skin, leaving him momentarily stunned.  Zion realized that this lovely vision had spoken to him, but he hadn't heard a word.  She was kind enough to repeat what she said.

"You're standing on my hair." 

It was Zion's turn to blush, as he lifted his foot and then helped her to her feet.  But once she was standing there in front of him, her smile lighting up her eyes, he forgot his embarrassment.  He forgot everything. He decided that maybe parties weren't such a bad thing, after all.  He leaned over as she stood on tiptoe to breathe warmth into him once more, his hand possessively on her hip.

"Won't it be wonderful to share this story with our children someday?"

Zion thought it would be wonderful indeed.

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  1. Oh My God!!! Absolutely amazing!! Do they get married?? I want more! lol

  2. Love at first sight is always romantic. This is fun.

  3. That's a beautiful story. I think sometimes the best relationships start with an awkward moment, like standing on a girl's hair. I like the character development in this.

  4. HAhaha, what a difference one factor can make!! It's a perfect standalone story fragment!!

  5. What a great start to what might be a wonderful love story.

  6. the hopeless romantic in me adored this, of course.
    "you're standing on my hair" ..what a fantastic line.

    Tina, your writing is strong, vital (it lives, it sings!) and completely entertaining in the best possible ways. <3


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