Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Death's Companion--Fiction

It's hard to watch your parents grow old, Carl thought. He sighed, and wiped the drool from his mother's chin. He moved her chair closer to the window, so she could see outside.  He stood next to her, his hand on her shoulder to keep her from slumping forward, and stared out the window.

"Mr. Smith?"

Carl turned, transfixed.  A young woman stood before him. Her eyes were an intense shade of blue, her hair black as pitch.  Her skin was pale, almost white, as though she were an animated corpse or made of a fine china.  He managed to nod.

"I am Elise Canter." She smiled politely. "The agency selected me to be a companion to your mother on her journey,"

"Aren't you--damn!" Carl stared at Elise. "You're awfully young. I thought the agency would send someone older."

"There was no one else available, sir. Will I suffice?"

Carl bit his lip. He looked at his mother, a trail of drool making its way down her front.  Young or not, his mother would be unable to go on her own, and he had promised her a companion.


"The priests are coming." Carl moved a chair from the hallway and placed it next to his mother's chair.  He picked up the knife from the tray table next to her bed. Elise sat in the chair offered by Carl, and took the hand of her charge.  She looked up at Carl, leaning back to expose her throat.

"It is so," Carl fell easily into the formal language of the old country, and picked up the knife.  "Elise Canter, I bind your soul to the soul of my mother, Alexandra Clifton Smith.  You are to be her companion in death, and have agreed to serve her faithfully.  Is this so?"

"It is so. I will be faithful." Elise closed her eyes, but Carl winced as the blade cut into that fine white skin.

The prompt is the third definition of COMPANION.


  1. Even though I saw it coming (that hair black as pitch...) I still winced.
    Beautifully composed, Tina!

  2. yikes! companion in death! very creative. I want my companion in death to be my Unlimited Nordstrom Charge Card.


  3. Oh my, I promise that I will go alone.....such a waste.

  4. That is super-creepy. I couldn't imagine slicing- I mean, securing, a chaperone for my parents' journey to death.

  5. Whoa... makes me think of all the present-day cultures who subordinate women because that's the way it's always been done.... at least he's not totally without feeling... he winced. Great story, Tina.

  6. Wow. LOVE how you used the prompt and your description of the companion here. Thanks for linking up!

  7. Gadzooks lady! I am catching up in reverse order and blown away by your creativity (and dark side)

  8. I was expecting the ending but I still shrunk back. As I always say, you do excellent dark!!!

  9. I love a good horror story and this didn't disappoint. I want to see this universe, so many questions, why did she sacrifice herself? Was the Mom important? This must have been the first time he had to kill someone? He winced.

    Nice ghoulish description as well.

  10. Great use of "companion" and I love the twist. I started reading thinking I would identify with this story, given that my mother is is in similar condition. However, I don't think I will follow this path :) Well done!

  11. You slayed the word prompt but most of all you made something I saw coming impactful. Damn that last line is just perfect.

  12. This made me shudder. The build up was chilling.


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