Saturday, August 17, 2013


A vow

the dead of a cold sky

above still silence

fades from memory as

small buds of

fecund greenery burst

toward the

citrine in blue


All fades away

Gone once more

Yeah, that's all I got in the lobby of Carmax, while my son kept trying to climb into the display models.  

This weekend's prompt is to write 33 words exactly inspired by the following photo project by Eirik Solheim.  Each slice of the photo compilation is a different day of the year, taken from the same location.

Here's the still shot:

One year in one image


  1. Your piece is probably the most beautiful thing to ever come out of a visit to CarMax. :)

    "small buds of fecund greenery burst toward the citrine in blue"

    This is so vivid. It really conveys renewal and hope. Well done!

  2. Maybe you should write under duress more often if this is the result!!!

  3. I would encourage your son to be more mischievous if it produces work like this.

  4. this is very sweet .. and the fecund greenery conveys such verdant awesomeness...

  5. Imagine what you would've written had you been in IKEA.

    I love the last 3 lines.


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