Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Completely Random

Forget back to school--it's football season here in Texas.  All the football teams are out sweating and practicing.  They've made water breaks mandatory here, not suggestions like they were before, thank goodness.  My husband often talks about only being allowed a swallow or two during football practice when he was growing up.  It was supposed to toughen a kid up, but in this heat it can be fatal. Even the marching bands, who are standing on the sweltering asphalt of school parking lots, are making sure their members are well hydrated.  Texas has also passed a law limiting full contact during practices and there have been stricter guidelines handed down to deal with concussions.  For that I am very glad.  Even with all that padding and helmets, the brain takes a pounding in football.  All that sloshing around in a skull is not good for a growing mind! 

That's Zane with his dad and his grandpa at the Scorpions soccer game the other night.  My brother took the picture. They had a 'Boys night', except that my brother's kids are teenagers and are contractually obligated to never appear in public with a parent.  My brother was the same way--when he was a teenager, he would always walk about ten feet behind us so nobody knew he was with his family!  Tristan and Tyler missed all the fun.  Scorpions games are fun--and all the profits go to fund Morgan's Wonderland, an amusement park built just for families with special needs children.  How's that for helping out the community while having a good time?

We were at a Burger King, and my son ran right to the playscape.  I would run there, too, if I were a kid.  The BK playscapes are the coolest I've seen so far.  Before Zane is allowed to play, however, I take him over to read the rules they have posted.  Just so there's no question about whether it's okay to use the top of the playscape as a diving board.  The very first rule was "Must be supervised by a happy adult."  I got a little defensive, right there. What the heck is that supposed to mean?  I'm happy.  Who says that I'm not happy? Just because I'm not acting like I've had a lobotomy doesn't mean I'm not happy!  I went to the table in a huff about it, and Larry asked if I wanted a Snickers.  Does anyone else have these Joe Pesci moments?  I thought they would go away, but they seem to be hormonal.  I had a crying jag the other day while driving home, and I have no idea why.

I am nervous about this Thursday. The first person in human resources that I talked to said we would be paid August 15th, which would be wonderful.  Then other new people in my department were told that it wouldn't be until September 15th.  None of us can get a straight answer out of anyone--only that they'll TRY.  There is no TRY in payroll, people!  If we have to wait until September for that paycheck, it will absolutely suck.  My check is the one that goes for all the bills, like the mortgage. My husband's check pays for the rest, like eating, and the odd movie night.  I can afford to miss a few meals, I am not sure that my son could get by without eating.    I'm trying to take it on faith that everything will be all right, but that is something I always struggle to do!

We seem to have acquired a pit bull. He's very definitely a boy, a brindle color.  Either somebody dumped the poor thing(pets are not trash!) or he is lost.  He has decided that the bushes in the front yard are a perfect hideout.  He's skittish around people, but he seems friendly and he doesn't have any scarring or missing parts that would indicate he's a fighter.  Since it's been so hot, we've put water out for him, and I gave him some of Maisy's food.  It's puppy food, but it's all we got.  Hopefully Larry can get him into the car while I am at work, so he can take him to the local animal shelter.  I like all dogs, but we already have Maisy.  We can't afford two large dogs.  But I think it is kind of hilarious that I have a dog living in the bushes in the front yard, and a feral cat living in the bushes in the back yard.  Maybe I should just starting renting out the bushes?

Go visit Stacy's place--she is moving but she'll appreciate the company!


And maybe you might want to visit Shawn and Impulsive for Talk To Us Tuesday, although they don't seem to be doing very much talking these days. Meh, it is still summer for some people, and that means taking time off from blogging.  Don't hold it against them too much, because we've all had the doldrums before.  Just think happy thoughts and have a margarita, if it suits you to do so! 


  1. In this day an age no employer should have to hold back a first paycheck, especially a monthly check.

  2. If you sold tickets to your "wildlife preserve" yard, maybe you could raise some extra funds for them?

    Please...the pics of Zane are just too adorable!


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