Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Independently Random

My son is now of the age where I think that he needs to start doing chores. So when I have laundry to take care of, I have been making him fold the towels.  He's also been helping his grandmother with her laundry, and folds towels for her.  Unfortunately, she folds towels differently than I do, and this has lead to some confusion in our house.  I know what you're thinking--there's more than one way to fold a towel?   Apparently so!  I've always folded towels in half longways first, then in half again, so that when I pull the towel out of the closet it is ready to hang on the rod.  Grandmother folds them exactly the opposite.  I've tried to work on this with Zane, as nicely as I can; I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings over a stupid towel.  But it means that Zane's folding efforts tend to look like this:
No nice, flat, pile of towels for me(yes, that is my foot the pile is covering)!  I've just been refolding all of the towels before I put them away.  At some point, when he is older, I'll talk to him about how our routines are different from others, and we'll adjust, but there's not much of a point having a battle over it now, right? 

Have you ever felt like you had thousands of things to do, but not the slightest interest in doing any of them?   I think that is the essence of summer.  Summer-itis, as it were.  I've got all these grand plans, piles of work to go through, and there it still sits.  I just don't feel like doing any of it.  Instead, I've been playing Plants vs. Zombies with Zane, reading, and some days not even getting out of my jammies.  Lazy!  Oh well.  It's summer.  I'm too lazy to feel guilty about being lazy. 

My friend Andrea, over at Maybe It's Just Me, blogged about her candy stash yesterday.  I thought about it later, and opened a few cabinets, and well...I guess I have a candy stash too!  I just randomly buy candy if I see something interesting out there. I have even tried that Skinny Cow chocolate, which wasn't that bad.  I also discovered that Zane has a stash of candy from the many parties his class had during the school year, just in case he needs a quick chocolate break.  It's nice to see that I am raising him right. 

When you have a five year old and a puppy, you may as well have a revolving door into the back yard.  Summer time means that  there are lots and lots of flies flitting about, doing fly-type things and annoying the populace. Sometimes these flies make their way into our kitchen.  Since the back yard door is in the kitchen, I'm not comfortable spraying pesticides in there, where food is served.  So we've resorted to the old-fashioned method of removing flies and other pests--the fly-swatter.  That's a non-techie way of dealing with a problem, I know, but my motto is "whatever works." 

Since this is a military town, we like to do up Independence Day right.  We've had enough rain that we can have fireworks without setting fire to the countryside.  I full expect that there will be little sleep on the fourth, especially if our dog does not like fireworks.  When Sandy the Wonder Dog was alive, we had to put her in the bathroom with the hot tub running so the sound would drown out the pops and booms.  She just could not handle all of the noise.  Maisy has done okay with thunderstorms, but she has not had to deal with fireworks yet.  I won't feel comfortable leaving her at home alone if she is going to go nuts here!  Cats are so much easier to deal with--Zena and Pounce don't even wake up! 

Go visit Stacy!  She is awesome!  Also, stay safe this week, especially around fireworks--they're pretty from a distance, but they can be dangerous. 



  1. All I can say is your household sounds similar to mine! The five year old, the chores and just replace dog with cats!

    1. We just added the pup. Two years ago, we had 4 cats, but two of them have gone to kitty heaven.

  2. AHAHAHAHA! I fold the towels the exact same way you do, and the hubby folds them the way Zane's grandmother does. Does that mean my hubby folds towels like a grandmother? BWAHAHAHAHA! :) And yes, it's wise to pick your battles. :)

    Ohhhhhh yes! I have a thousand-million things to do right at this very moment, but seem to lack the interest in doing them. You know, like the purging and packing looming over my head. Good thing I work well (and efficiently) under pressure, or I'd be worried I won't be all packed and ready when it's time to hit the road in August. :)

    I love that you and Andrea are candy stashers, I tend to be one, too. And apparently have passed that on to Princess Nagger - she has a stash she's saved from Christmas and Valentine's Day. ;)

    I have a two fly swatters within reach in the kitchen, too - for the same reasons you do. :)

    Cats are definitely nonchalant compared to dogs - we have one dog that will hide when thunderstorms hit (or when the neighbors are shooting of M80's in their driveway at 11pm) but the other one gets all mad and barks angrily at the air when the thunder booms, like he thinks he can chase it away. :)

    Have a Happy 4th of July! :)

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  3. Whoah lady, that is some high quality chocolate there! Where are the gummy bears? Where is the licorice?


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