Monday, July 8, 2013

Backyard Dilemma

This is an artist's rendition of our dog, Maisy, in the back yard.  Okay, it's me, playing with a new app on my Kindle.  Fortunately for my artistic endeavor here, Maisy was very easy to draw.  That black worm-like thing?  Maisy's tail.  Maisy is a Lab mix(with German Shepherd, I'm starting to think),  but the grass has almost overtaken her.  It looks like it is growing at a rate about a half-inch a day.  I could be wrong about that figure, so don't quote me. 

It's not our fault.  We have good intentions of mowing the lawn on a weekly basis. Well, my husband does.  He's the one who actually knows how to turn the lawn mower on.  Very important.  He is usually very good with thinking about mowing the lawn.

"I think that I am going to mow the lawn," he tells me. 


I try to be supportive. 

Every single time my husband has made that statement this summer, it has rained at our house. 

Every. Single. Time.  One Sunday the sun was shining, and it was still raining.  (Aside: there's that old wives' tale about how when the sun is shining while it is raining, the Devil is beating his wife.  Where the heck did that come from?  And who the heck would marry the Devil?  Those old wives must have drank quite a bit. End of aside.)

You can't mow the grass when it is wet, because it does something wonky to the mower.  Oh, and interrupts the Space-Time Continuum.  Very bad.  So we have to wait until the grass dries out, and it is not raining.  Our neighbor is OCD, and he can't stand our grass to be taller than his, so he has been mowing our front yard for us when he mows his.  We are very grateful for this, but we still have the backyard. The huge backyard that we had to have when we moved in, because our dog needed to have a place to run about. 

We just can't have tall grass in our back yard.  Mice, snakes, and other critters love tall grass, and they will move right in and the snakes will invite the mice over for a luncheon.  Ick.  Also, Zane likes to play out in the back yard, and by the end of this week, the grass will be as tall as he is.  We will never find him in that mess.

Maybe we need to get one of those old fashioned mowers, the kind with the wheels and the blades, nothing else.  We would have to push it a little harder, but we also wouldn't have to wait.  Do they even make those anymore?  Or should I just go buy a scythe and get back to my farmer roots?


  1. Goats. You should get goats.

    1. We actually thought of that. It is specifically prohibited by our Homeowners Association!

  2. Two words darlin'... Electric Mower. You flip a switch and it starts. Just don't run over the cord.

    PS... ours was starting to look like a vacant house. Tony had Just come home from working all day and I looked at him and said "get the mower out and I'll do the lawn"... needless to say, he mowed that instant, and as soon as he pushed the mower back in the garage, it poured. :)

  3. Hahaha, yes they still make those 'eco' mowers!! But maybe they export them all to Australia?? We bought one several years ago - and it was made in USA!!


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