Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Vacation Is A State Of Mind

Zane's last day of school was Friday.  Larry's last day was Saturday.  The two of them have been joined at the hip all weekend, giggling, playing FIFA soccer on the Xbox, discussing possible adventures.  They've decided that swimming is on the agenda, as is playing soccer.  The local movie theater offers free movies on Tuesdays for moms and kids.  Inflatable Wonderland is half-price during the week.  So much to do, so little time!   

I will not be poolside.  I will not be footing a soccer ball.  I will still be working.  We have to work during part of the summer, usually most of June.  Not our usual hours of 8am to 4pm.  No, we will have to work 7:30-5:30 for four days each week during the summer.  Ten hour work days during the summer does not equal a more productive workforce(change our routine and it takes us forever to get acclimated), but it does save on the electrical bills, they tell us. 

Except my brain has already left for the summer.  In my head I've been sitting in a lounge chair for a couple of weeks, sipping something fruity with an umbrella in it.  I am wearing a classy black maillot, a straw wide brim hat, and huge sunglasses, the latest trashy novel in my hands.  I am skinny, my skin is a nice golden brown completely free of skin cancer, and I am skinny.  Did I mention that I am skinny?  And by skinny, I don't mean a size 0 starving waif skinny, I mean a healthy size 10-12 skinny, with curves in all the right places.  The pool is crystal clear, the water cool.  There's a cabana boy waiting with towels when I get out of the pool.  At some point I have a massage scheduled, and a nice pedicure, but now is all I care about.  Best of all?  My brain vacation is an actual vacation, where I don't have to clean anything, or cook anything, or decide anything.  It's all paid for, someone else is in charge, and all I have to do is relax and enjoy.

Yeah, none of that exists.  In reality, my idea of a fun vacation involves exploring museums and historical sites, that sort of thing.  I'd love to spend a month or two in England, for instance.  But that's when Zane is older; these days we consider a day at SeaWorld to be the limit.  

But still, it is a wonderful daydream.  It will certainly give me some moments of peace in June, while I am sitting at my desk, shuffling papers about.

What is your daydream vacation?

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