Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Random Unplugged

Last week, I turned off the computer.  I didn't go completely off the grid, as I kept my cell phone and kindle handy.  But for several days, I did not touch a computer.  I'd like to say that it was liberating, that I got so much work finished, and that I solved all the world's problems.  Not so much.  As it turns out, when you give up one activity, such as computer time, other activities just seem to pop right up to fill in those free spots.  It's as if those activities have been lurking for years, just waiting for their chance!  All that free time I thought I would have, time to get to bed early, time to walk the dog, time to just hang out--well, that just never happened.  So much for that experiment!

I've been keeping tabs on Paula Deen's situation.  People are being way too hard on her.  What she said was wrong, and that is fact.  However, other people have said worse over the years, people with more to lose, and they haven't been as villified as she has been.  Deen has apologized for her actions, and this has mattered to not a soul.  She has come out and said that she was raised in a different time and place, but that doesn't seem to matter in the court of public opinion. It should. Upbringing does play a role in future behavior.   There are still parts of the South that refuse to accept the concept of equality for all, who still consider some races to be inferior, and who are mentally still fighting the Civil War.  If you were brought up in that environment, if that's all you heard during your childhood, how hard would it be to change that mindset as an adult?  Perhaps those who are hardest on her are projecting their own issues about race onto Deen.  If we point our fingers at her and yell a lot, maybe no one will notice our own foibles and mistakes?

I did get out there to see the Supermoon--that's my thumb in the shot!
This past weekend was Zane's first soccer tournament.  We had to be there early in the morning, so we all got up and packed the car and took off down the road.  I've said before that San Antonio is a large city--seventh in the nation--but more so because this city sprawls.  That's really the only way to consider it, especially when we are driving.  The tournament was on the other side of the city, and we were in the car forever.  Then we got lost, and drove around three or four times trying to figure out where we were supposed to turn.  Zane even asked if we were still in Texas!  Once we got there, parked, unloaded the car, and dragged all our stuff to the field we were supposed to be playing on, things went much more smoothly.  Zane's team tied one, won one, and lost one, and then we were done.  That third game was played at 12:45pm, when the sun is right overhead, and the boys were just plain exhausted.  We waited to find out our standing, and we came in second!  Overall it was a positive experience for Zane, and worth the sunburn I ended up getting(using 100SPF, I might add!). 

Another woman in the news was Nigella Lawson, who was being choked by her husband in a public place.  I've seen the pictures, and Ms. Lawson looks terrified.  Her husband has tried to say that he had been joking, that they weren't fighting, etc.  A person doesn't look that terrified for a joke!  Obviously something like that has happened before, and she was afraid.  It's probably a good thing that someone took that picture.  Sure, they could have tried to intervene at that moment, but the photographs can't be shoved out of the way and told to mind their own business.  There really is no positive way to spin that, and nobody should try.  I understand that men don't always understand that their behavior or body language is threatening,  but grabbing someone by the throat?   Can't be interpreted in any other way.  It's past time that we started bringing these kinds of situations into the light, and it's time for a world-wide conversation on domestic violence.  A woman should be safe in her own home, surrounded by love and trust.

Just so you don't leave depressed, here is my new editor, who has been looking at my typing:

Maisy is getting BIG--50lbs, and she is not even a year old yet!  She still likes to nap on the back of the chair I usually sit in, at least until I start reading or trying to type.  Then she has to critique my work!

Now, go visit the Stacy--she's great!

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  1. Good for you turning off the computer for a week! I really need to do that, if I have any hope of getting the purge/packing done before our move. But I just Can't. Stop. Maybe I need an intervention. :)

    I agree with everything you said about Paula Deen - I don't get why she's getting so ostracized over something that happened a long time ago. I did read the transcript of the lawsuit that's been brought against her and her brother - which was a total shocker, so there might be something more to it than we've been made aware overall. But I'm still of the school 'judge not lest ye be judged' so I prefer to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. :)

    Now Nigella's husband, on the other hand, apparently needs to get educated on abuse and why it's not cool and makes him a tool.

    I love that accidentally getting your thumb in the picture you took of the Super Moon was like you giving it a thumbs-up. :) I didn't even think to get pics, so you're way ahead of me there. :)

    I love that Maisy critiques your work! :)

    Smiles and Grins with 10 Things to Smile About June Edition by way of RTT Rebel


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