Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Full Moon

The full moon illuminated the cabin and the surrounding woods as she got out of the car.  Bubblegum snapping, Janie walked up to the front door of the cabin, her red cloak swirling around her.  She pulled her hood over her dark hair, made sure that she had a good grip on the basket, and knocked.


She knew the drill; this particular freak was a regular client, his routine always the same.  The knob turned easily in her hand, and Janie stuck her head in the door.

"Grandma?" she called in a childish falsetto.  "It's me, Red!"

Silence.  A low growl rolled toward her.  Janie giggled nervously. She adjusted her garters underneath the cloak and walked down the hall, pushing open the bedroom door.  Her client sat up in bed, as usual, the covers pulled up to his chin. He had purchased a new, more realistic wolf costume, she noted.  The white sleeping cap was slightly askew on his head, his eyes luminous, the claws on his hands rending the sheets.

"Why Grandmother!  What big eyes you have!"  Janie recited her lines with enthusiasm, as instructed.

The thing in the bed snarled.  Janie screamed.

The prompt is the third definition of freak.

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  1. Ha! Nice. This was a fun romp from start to finish.

    I love that there is a fairy tale escort service. The thing in the bed snarled...the word thing works perfectly.

  2. LOVE it! Talk about a twisted fairy tale. Great job!

  3. I guess I shouldn't laugh, but geez, I couldn't help it! Yeah, the customer is a kinky freak :)

  4. Why, yes, he does seem to be quite the freak. And that last line really leaves you guessing. Is she playing the part, or was there really a "thing" where her client should have been?

  5. Surprise! He suckered her, by being 'normal' the rest of the month.

  6. Some people take role playing a little too serious.

  7. Now that is an interesting take on an old tale! This was fun to read. Thank you for linking up!

  8. HHHMMMmmm... when push comes to shove, I bet she didn't notice that much difference between Wolf #1 and Wolf #2!!

  9. Love the set up...and hitting several challenges at once always amazes me. Nicely written!


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