Tuesday, May 28, 2013

General Randomness

Let's see how this goes today.  My access to the internet has been a bit spotty lately.  The internet does not like to swim, apparently!  I guess if this doesn't publish on time, I will publish it when I can. 

It's that time of the year for me.  You know how there are "rolling blackouts" during the summer when the electricity usage is high?  Well, I have rolling surliness, random moments when I just want to shake my laptop like an Etch-a-Sketch and then chuck it out onto the railroad tracks.  I just want to growl and snap at everyone at least once a day.  My coworkers and I have termed this form of grouchiness our "Joe Pesci" moments, after the actor's turn at a Snicker's commercial, because that is what my little tirades look like.  I've even put the Orange Cones of Doom around my desk on more than one occasion. (What?  Am I the only one with orange cones?)  Does anyone else ever feel like this or is it just me needing way more chocolate than most people?  Of course, even with all these warnings, everyone will be completely surprised when I turn into Godzilla and start leveling Tokyo. 

I was looking through a magazine, happily oblivious, when I noticed this in the advertisement.  I was shocked.  I'm supposed to match my eye shadow to my nail polish?  When did this happen?  I got the memo about belts and shoes matching, and the white after Labor Day, but eye shadow and nail polish?  Really?  Since polish is supposed to last at least ten days, does that mean that you have to shellac the eye shadow on your eye for a ten-day-run?  Because I can tell you that purple eye shadow looks less "sexy" and more 'black-eye following serious car accident" 24 hours after you put it on.  And why would a person want to match her eye shadow to her nails anyway?  Who would notice?  Should a girl walk around with her nails strategically near her eyes so that people can comment that the colors match?  As the saying goes, ain't nobody got time for that. 

Two days after our fun with flooding, and already everything is back to normal in most places.  Especially in New Braunfels, where disasters typically are not allowed to stand in the way of a good time. The two rivers flowing through town would just have to deal with it. The tourists had already shown up for a weekend of Memorial Day tubing, and that is what the tourists got.  The water, and the things washed into businesses by the water, were all swept out the door as much as possible, and the "Open" signs were posted, and the fun got started.  People got on with their lives with as little fuss as possible, and there is something vaguely comforting about that. 

Maisy the dog got fixed last week.  She was not the best patient, unfortunately.  I had to drag her from the car and into the facility.  She growled at everyone, so they had to muzzle her.  As they brought her to us, she piddled on the floor.  Then there's the Cone of Shame, which she is expected to wear for ten days.  Poor Maisy can't do hardly anything without smacking the Cone against everything in sight.  She's not really very happy about it, and I can't say that I blame her.  But it's to keep her from ripping out her stitches and bleeding all over the place, so the cone stays. 

Has this sign, or a variation thereof, ever actually stopped a single person from taking a risk?  I can't think of a single person who ever saw such a sign and said, "Oh golly, I have to assume the risk for this ride, I'd better do something else!"  People don't even read such signs anymore, they just wave at it with a vague "yeah, yeah" and jump right into the risky activity without so much as a thought.  I guess that it is all about presentation.  Maybe these sorts of signs need to come with pictures from those Final Destination movies to add impact.  "See!  This is what happened to the LAST group that didn't pay attention to this sign!"  That sort of thing.  


Go visit Ms. Stacy today and give her some lovin'.  Not the kind that will get you arrested, of course.  The other kind. 


  1. I was wondering how you fared with the flooding - glad you stayed pretty dry considering. ;)

    Matching eye shadow with nail polish? Crazy! Although, maybe that means I should not be wearing eye shadow since I don't wear nail polish - unless they count the polish on my toes, then I'm in trouble. And the fact that I have a 'burgundy wine' polish on my tootsies, if I matched the eye shadow people would think I have a serious eye injury that needs attention. Like you said - ain't nobody got time for that! >;o)~

    I was giggling over your description of wanting to shake your laptop like an Etch-a-Sketch - and laughed even harder about having the orange cones set up around your desk as a warning - now I SO need to get me some orange cones. :)

    We found the 'cone of shame' on our dogs to be quite entertaining when they'd be bumping into stuff. Is it bad we were laughing at our dogs' plight? :D

    Thanks so much for being so diligent in rebel mode - you always crack me up with your brilliant randomness! :)

    The Month of May Brought Lots of Smiles – with More to Come in a 10 Things to Smile about RTT Rebel kinda way

  2. I don't put that much thought into my make-up, so long as I look halfway decent. That's probably not the majority of people though.

  3. Wait!I am supposed to wear eyeshadow?!?!?! Glad you are dry, even if cranky!


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