Friday, March 22, 2013

The Traveling Stones, Revisited

Remember way back to last month, when I received an interesting package from Australia?    Turns out that I received one of the Traveling Stones from my friend Red over at Amazing Australian Adventures!  I was so excited, and determined to show the stone a rollicking good time.  When I say that the traveling stone I received earned some mileage, I mean it.

I put the items in my purse and was off to explore the wide world, and off we went.  The Kiddie Park was especially fun, except that I got nauseated watching the Merry-Go-Round.  I HATE when that happens!

Kiddie Park, San Antonio, Texas

While at the Kiddie Park, I noticed a few issues.  The stone was continually rolling about in the box.  Also, the little boomerang that Red sent along would not fit into the box, and was often relegated to the bottom of my purse.  I decided that this would not do...and I went into problem solver mode!

I felt that the tiny pearl was likely to fall out of the box and then disappear, which would have been a catastrophe of epic proportions, not to mention embarrassing for my country!   So, I got out my jewelry making tools and prettied things up a bit, adding a decorative bow and a place where someone might put a safety pin.  Perhaps a person might want to safety pin the pearl to their shirt for a night out on the town?

It was necessary to find a box big enough to carry the coin, the boomerang, and the pearl.  It just didn't seem fair to leave the boomerang at home after it had traveled all the way from Australia, so I hunted for a bit for just the right box, and then spent a little time securing everything for safekeeping.

Then I had to find me a helper, since my arms are just not long enough to hold up the box and snap a photo. Luckily, this particular helper was easily bribed persuaded with cookies.

With all that taken care of ,  it was time to head back out, box of travelers in hand. We went to the Riverwalk, San Antonio's most 'romantic' spot, where all the tourists hang out.  We hopped on a boat ride to avoid some of the crowds along the edge. Also, since there's no guard rail along the river, I had visions of my son attempting to walk on water in order to visit one of the ducks that live along the water's edge.

As we floated, I took the opportunity to show the stones a good time.
Some weird statue thing that was a gift from Mexico.  I think it is art.

Riding along the River Walk, Downtown San Antonio
Adina De Zavala was one of the people who wanted to preserve the Alamo, so they gave her a plaque, and named a street after her.

Of course, we could not leave the downtown area without visiting the most sacred shrine in Texas, the icon of our state.  Texas was an actual, honest-to-God independent country prior to joining up with the United States, and we are proud of our independent streak and what we had to do to get there.  The Alamo was originally a mission, and the main part was a church. Of course, that made zero difference to all those guys fighting to the death over it, but today the Alamo is indeed a shrine, which means that a hushed silence pervades the place out of respect.  The other missions in San Antonio don't get nearly the same amount of visitors!
The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas
We didn't just go traipsing all over the downtown area.  We also took the stones to a landmark hamburger joint, Biff Buzby's, for some righteous hamburgers.  We probably should have gone to a place that served more of the local cuisine, known as Tex-Mex, but I was craving a cheeseburger!
Hanging with Biff Buzby, Live Oak, Texas
The travelers and I spent the last day of our spring break at a kid's place, Chuck E Cheese, where the pizza and the beer made up for the fact that I would have to go back to work on Monday. 
These guys won all those tickets. Really.

But our time is at an end, and the stone and her friends must be moving on to their next exciting adventure!  The next blogger who gets to host the stone is Dionne over at Raw Christian. Dionne graciously volunteered to host the stone and her friends at her home in Colorado.  I have never been to the part of Colorado where she lives, but I've heard they have things like forests and bears and Bigfoot, and I'm looking forward to seeing her plans for the stone!  Maybe a picture of Bigfoot wearing the stone? 

Raw Christian

Don't forget to check out the stones' blog, too!


  1. This is such fun! Maybe I should set some chocolate and cookies off to travel?

  2. Hi There, I just nominated you for the Liebster blog award. Feel free to do with it what you may as I know that the awards thing can sometimes be a bit tedious with the rules and all of the writing...No pressure!


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