Sunday, March 17, 2013


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
In honor of all things green, today I decided we could think about green. You know, if you want to.
Green has many things associated with it – greed, spring, eco-friendly, broccoli, grass, money – so many things.
What does green make you think of and how does it make you feel?

Today’s (totally optional) prompt: Green



When I was a kid, I found lots of four leaf clovers, which are supposed to be lucky.  I never deliberately  tried to find them, but as I walked past a clover patch, it was as if they jumped out  and into my field of vision.  And of course, I would have to immediately stop and pick the clover, because it went to that much trouble to get my attention.   Obviously, this meant that I needed them.  

After I picked them, I would bring them home to my mother, and she would smile.  It was one of the few times that my mom would do that; my mother isn't really the smiling type.  She is more of the German-American stoic type.  It was a big deal, then, to give my mom those four leaf clovers. Maybe that's why those clovers would jump out at me--so I could make my mom smile once in awhile.  

My mother would press them into books, so they would flatten out with all four of their leaves showing. Since my family never sells books, one day, when those books are mine,  I'll be finding those four-leaf clovers, ancient, but preserved perfectly between pages that smell dusty.  

Just the thought makes me smile.


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  1. I'm not the least bit Irish, at all, so I never got into Match 17th or it's cultural touchstones.

    My kids love finding clovers and unique flora like that. It's cool to see them appreciate it.

    Happy St Patrick's Day

  2. Wandering by from SOCS ...

    What a lovely post. My mother was first-generation German-Russian. Not big on smiling, either.

  3. The thought of you finding those clovers in books makes me smile! I have some violas in books, and like it when I run across them!


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