Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When Illusions Fail

This week's word is Crush.  I am sorry to say that I had to use the past tense.  I have been in a poetry mood lately.  If I could play guitar I'd probably be sitting in a coffeehouse wearing a jaunty black beret.  I am sure that this is all very temporary, but we have to let these things work their course.   

What I Once was, 

mashed between the

Who I am Nows,but

Crushed underneath

What I Might become.

Particles of my being

Good,wicked, silly

Ugly, sad and beautiful

Pulverized into dust,

Strewn about,

Carried off by the wind.


  1. Really strong and interesting. I love how you used crush as a metaphor. I would love to see this as a long poem.

  2. Thank you. I am not sure that I have a longer version in me, but I will try.

  3. So far from what I've seen I love your poetry, very touching but a little sad. Are you okay?

  4. When you use it well, you are forgiven! Love the plural Who I am Nows.

  5. I have felt this way during the Holidays, too many obligations and not enough time. Now it's the girl's turn and I try to help them with their expectations.

    1. There are certainly lots of things pushing and pulling us right now!

  6. Beautiful emotions in this post.

  7. Nice image of the inner self being pulverized to dust and carried off in the wind.

  8. A lovely poem, bent rules or not (:


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