Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's Christmas Already

optional prompt: Christmas Time is Here Again

My son is all about the Christmas.  He made us put up all the trees last week, and he keeps them plugged in whenever he is at home.  He keeps telling us that we need to put up some outside decorations.  He bugs us about driving through the neighborhoods looking at the lights.  My husband is kind of the same way, so the two of them have been in cahoots, discussing prospective Christmas presents and what Santa might bring them.   Zane is very excited about this time of year, and is positively giddy now that he has learned to sing Christmas carols.  It is nice to see them cheerful and happy.  We have about three weeks of school left before Christmas break, and then we are all 'off' until next year.  

I'm a little more ambivalent.  This is the time of year when I get pretty depressed.  Part of it is seasonal, I think.  I've always been more somber during December than at any other time of the year.  It may be that because I was a June baby, when the sun is closest to the earth, I feel the distance of the sun when it moves the furthest away.  I don't know.  There are other reasons that I get down at this time of the year, but I really don't want to go into them right now. I am on a mission.

However, I am trying very hard to get as into the spirit this year.  When Zane asked about putting up the trees, I didn't say no, but went upstairs to look for decorations.  When he has asked about plugging in the tress, I've said yes.  I've only asked him to please stop singing "Jingle Bells" twice, even though he only knows the chorus.  I hope that the extra effort pays off.  


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  1. I lost my mom 2 days before Christmas 2004. I no longer have depression at Christmas, thanks to Paxil and my 2 grandsons coming along. But Christmas is bittersweet to me now because she was the Queen of Christmas.

  2. Being from a big (though getting gradually smaller as siblings grow up and leave) family we always had an interesting split of people who liked this time of year or our family grinches. We're not traditionally *big* celebrators. But this year we're making an effort. I'm enjoying watching my nephew discover Christmas. He's just figured out what candy canes are. Pity we decorated our tree in them. ;)


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