Friday, November 23, 2012

WOE: Gratitude

Write On Edge Prompt: Write a creative non-fiction or fiction piece this week focusing on gratitude. The piece doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to Thanksgiving, but allow the mood of gratitude to infuse your piece. If you find yourself unsure where to begin, start with the question, “For what or whom am I (or is my main character) grateful?” Yes, this is fiction.  Reports to the contrary, I do not own a broomstick.

"For what are you grateful, my child?"  the wizard demanded.  "Focus on that, and draw your spell from it."

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, pondering the wizard's words.  It seemed difficult to focus, with all the eyes of the Elders on me, but that was part of the test.  Sorcerers did not always get to cast their spells when they had optimal conditions.  For what was I grateful?  I let that question flow through my cells, and images began to pour into my mind.  There were so many that I began to feel dizzy from their rush past my consciousness.

My husband's strong arms. The smile of my child.  Hot food.  Warm fires. The laughter of children. Wildflowers on a hillside. A soft bed. The first taste of love, like wine.  Cool breezes on a hot day.  The first day of spring. Pickled beets. A roof over my head. My husband's kisses on the skin of my shoulder.

Gratitude filled my heart as I thought of all the gifts I had been given.  Suddenly the words of the spell burst from my lips without conscious thought.  My skin began to glow brightly in the darkness, and a translucent sphere formed around me as I stood in the center of the circle of Elders.

"Perfect."  The wizard's compliment made my sphere glow brighter. 


  1. beautiful-im sure the wizards were indeed pleased at your gratitude

    1. I like that the spell drew from gratitude. So many other spells draw from sinister emotions.

      Well done!

  2. Good take on the prompt. I was just to busy to write this week, but I follow.


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