Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post Turkey Random

I finally finished off the pumpkin pie last night.  Pumpkin is healthy, right?  

In our last episode, I announced the new addition to our family: Maisy, the Lab-mix that we got from the local animal shelter.  She is still with us, since we passed our second interview with the shelter people.  The puppy has been pretty well-behaved so far.  She's almost housebroken, in that she's still piddling every now and then, but she does go to the door and whine to go outside.  We crate her at night, and she sleeps until about four or five in the morning.  I'm hoping to get her closer to six, which is when we get up most days.  The cats are still a little freaked out by this new creature, but I did catch Zena playing with Maisy in the back yard a couple of times yesterday.  Also, Pounce has actually come out from underneath the bed a few times to sniff at Maisy disdainfully.  I consider that a good sign.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to get to see Skyfall this past weekend.  It was fantastic, and highly enjoyable.  My husband did not look at his watch once, which means that he liked it as well.  The story was fast moving and well written, with very little of the campiness that Bond movies have been known for.  Daniel Craig is perfect as Bond, because he has been able to capture perfectly that essence of the book Bond. It doesn't hurt that he's nice to look at, either!

I had to corral all the trees for their own protection.
My son is all about the Christmas.  It's not just Christmas, he says, it is THE Christmas.  As soon as he realized that the precious moment was approaching, the trees had to come out.  What's that, you say?  You're only supposed to have ONE tree up and decorated for the holidays?  Not in our house.  We put up and decorated four today.  They have to be lit up, too.  As soon as we come in the door, the lights have to be plugged in, so the trees look pretty.  Never mind that we have a tree climbing kitty and a teething puppy, Zane was insistent. In this, we can afford to indulge him. I also have two advent calendars coming in the mail, one of chocolate and one of Lego, so he can count down the days.  Okay, so I'm hoping that he doesn't want the chocolate and I get to eat it, but I may have to wrassle my husband for the piece.

I was so excited to be able to sit and read for twenty minutes yesterday.  I read a couple of chapters in the new Janet Evanovich novel.  Those books crack me up, every time.  Being able to stick your nose in a book and laugh yourself silly is a great stress reliever.  I should allow for fifteen to twenty minutes a day for reading something humorous. Considering how stressful the holidays can be, being able to laugh as often as possible is a must.

The Hobbit opens in New Zealand tomorrow, and my husband is perseverating.  Each day I have heard tales of the various aspects of Tolkien's Middle Earth that I haven't heard before.  Larry has read most of Tolkien's works many times.  He can quote whole passages from memory.  I can't do that, and it annoys me greatly.  We are planning to go and see The Hobbit opening night, and it should be lots of fun. 

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  1. Your trees are beautiful!! Congratulations on your new additions.

  2. New Lord of the Rings Lego sets tomorrow! I might have to try those books.

  3. I'm hoping to catch Rise OF The Guardians with the kids tomorrow. We'll see. Currently Christmas has exploded all over my house. No semblance of order, it's complete chaos... good news is that I have 25 days to get it organized... :)


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