Wednesday, November 21, 2012


And now on to a completely different type of prompt.  November 15 is, apparently, National Erotica Day.  We were a bit busy last week, being bowled over by your team responses and all.  But we're ready to celebrate the day now.  We've never really gone here before.  Trifecta has never outwardly encouraged racy writing, but we're ready to stretch our boundaries a bit, and we're hoping you guys will join us.  We are asking for an open write this week--33 to 333 words of erotic writing.  You can interpret that how you wish; we are imposing no other rules or limitations on you this week.  The goal is just to explore a type of writing you maybe haven't tried before. Okay, I'm game.  

WARNING:  This is a little racier than what people who read this blog may be used to.  If you get hot and bothered by such things, read no further!  

Standing on her balcony, looking up at the stars, Cat slowly unfastened her robe, running her hands along her collarbone and pushing the garment to her shoulders, letting the night air caress her.   She turned to walk back into her room, her eyes closed, sighing heavily.

Strong arms wrapped around her, trapping her arms, and his hard body pulled her against him.  Cat could feel his erection pressing against her from behind, the hardness sending little pulses of anticipation through her. She smiled, keeping her eyes closed, and leaned back into him, any remaining resistance melting. His lips caressed her left ear, his hot breath rocketing to her core of her; Cat rocked her hips back to meet his.  He moved a hand underneath her robe to cover a breast, his fingers kneading firmly, and the sensation traveled quickly to the apex of her thighs.  He tweaked her nipple between his thumb and index finger, and she moaned into the night air.

At the sound, her lover paused, and she turned around in his arms, eyes still closed, reaching up to pull his face to hers.  Their lips melded in a fierce kiss, Cat letting all of her emotions flow into his mouth along with her tongue, her hands holding his head in place.  He seemed to startle at the vehemence of the kiss, then he lifted her in his arms.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, her lips still locked with his, and her lover walked them both to the wall next to the door. Cat felt the rough texture of the stucco pressing against her back.  She was pinned between the hardness of the wall and him as he hurriedly pulled open his pants, and then his erection slammed into her in a single stroke, filling her, and she tightened her thighs around his waist, fiercely determined to keep him inside of her as long as she could.  Then he began to move, and all of her thoughts ceased.


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