Sunday, November 25, 2012

Down Time

optional prompt: down time

There's quite a few things that nobody tells you about having children.  One of the big things that gets brushed over is the lack of down time. If you are a person who loves being able to enjoy a variety of activities, travel, and adventures, it might be good to put off being a parent for a bit.  From the moment you bring that baby home, parenting is a nonstop gig.  3am feedings.  Eyes peering at you over the bed in the early morning hours, wanting breakfast.  Demands for water at midnight. When school starts, there's projects and homework.  There's a never ending pile of laundry, and dishes are forever sitting in the sink, waiting to be washed.  When a child is sick, there's sleepless nights to go along with the rushing about days. 

All the things that I want to do, from reading a book to just taking a nap, have to be put on hold. When I do get to read a book, it is in short bursts, because when things get too quiet in the other room, bad things happen.  Occasionally I will have some time to sit at the kitchen table and work on my jewelry making, except that now 'my' spot at the kitchen table has become Lego-building central. My favorite chair, where I can sit and work on crochet while I watch my television shows, is now my son's favorite chair as well, and since needle work involves the throwing of elbows, I've had to abstain.  I love being a mom, but I've had some adjustments to make.  Most of my "Me" time happens after my son is in bed asleep, and even if I am exhausted I will sit at a computer to type.  Because I need my 'Me' time, however brief it is.  It's how I stay sane.


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  1. Hmmm, now I think I have a better understanding of what my mom went through when us kids were younger. Don't worry, she tells me it gets better as the kids get older and more independent!

    1. I am sure that I will feel horrible when my son doesn't need me anymore. It never ends!

  2. Oh my goodness! And I have picked up the family room FOUR times today so I can sit and relax later...I am one more dish or bottle of nail polish away from crying! And I think I was reading a book, or working on Nanowrimo too, wasn't I! Love to you momma!

    1. You always make this mothering thing look so easy!

  3. Yep. I'm understanding what you mean. My sister and her small family (of two kids under 2) come to our house a lot, so their fabulous aunty (me) can play with them while their mother has some time to breathe. It's intense. But it's nice being the aunty, because they can always go home. ;)

    1. Yes, I felt just that way when my niece and nephews were little!


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