Saturday, October 6, 2012

Darkness in the Forest

Here are some photos to inspire you.  Choose one and give us a metaphor or simile to help describe what you see.  Make your analogy 33 words or less, and make it clever or witty or unusual enough to grab our attention.  You are free to use these images on your own blogs, if you like.

The enormous, ancient tree loomed over me, Cthulhu rising from the depths of hell, my horrific sins laid bare to the blackness of its maw, greedy tentacles already grasping at my forsaken soul.

Too much?  I've been in an odd mood lately.  Sorry.


  1. Not too much at all. Sins laid bare...I can picture that under this tree!

  2. I absolutely love these kind of trees. There is something old and mystical about them... and they remind me of Ferngully. :)

  3. I think your mood is perfect for great descriptive writing. I felt the tentacles grasping for me while I was reading.

  4. Wow - greedy tentacles. I'm glad I read this is in the morning. I think I'm developing a phobia for this tree. ;-)

  5. Hahaha! Love it!! Especially your 'disclaimer' at the end!!


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