Sunday, October 14, 2012

Being Just Me

optional prompt: being just me

I grew up being the kid who didn't really 'fit'.  Probably that came from moving all the time, as Army families tend to do, but maybe it was also just me being me.  I wasn't a typical girlie girl type.  I had Barbies, A Baby Alive doll, and a Mrs. Beasley doll at various times in my formative years, but these girlie things tended to meet with unfortunate events, such as the time I decided that Barbie's hair needed a good curl and took my curling iron to her.  

I liked playing with the boys.  I liked their language, their way of relating to the world.  Boys didn't spend a lot of time on introspection or their feelings.  Boys just were.  They tend to live in the now.  As an anxiety prone child, that was refreshing.  So boys and I built forts in the back and played Army and Tag, read comic books, and went exploring where we shouldn't have gone, and it was fun.

I hit the teenage years, and I was weird.  I didn't 'fit', and now that I had breasts, well, spending time with the boys didn't mean quite what it used to.  I tried to hang out with girls, but I was really no match for the gossiping or the 'mean girl' games.  I was too gullible, and I did not understand the concept of messing with people's heads just because you could.  In my mind, there had to be an end to justify the means.  Tearing the wings off of others was no fun, and I am not one to blindly follow a 'queen bee'.   

I still don't like the typical "girlie-girl" stuff.  I prefer my movies to have explosions and fighting scenes.  I love football, drinking beer, and I can burp with the best of them.  The difference between then and now is that I am okay with my idiosyncrasies.  I don't hide them any more, and if someone doesn't like that, that is okay, too.


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  1. I never understood the mean girls game either. Pointless and hurtful. And I'm a sucker for a good explosive movie too. ;)

  2. I can't relate with your movie preference but one of my hidden talents is that I can burp on cue. Comes in handy, sometimes, when you want to entertain a 9-year-old. Otherwise? not so much.

    It's good to make peace with the idiosyncrasies, it's not like they're going anywhere :)


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