Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Way Home

On to the weekend challenge.  This week we're again asking you to stand on the shoulders of another writer.  But this time that other writer is you.  Take one of your former Trifecta or Trifextra 33 word entries and build upon it with another 33 words.  If you are new to the challenge you can use a Trifextra entry from one of the other community members, with their permission of course.

Three women stand,
Each points the way,
Three different roads to follow.
Which will you choose?
Banished or Blessed;
Blessed or Banished;
It's often the straight, middle path
that leads you home.

Yet to the left the path
curves into the light,
To the right the path
rolls into the dark.
What lies beyond?
Banished or Blessed;
Only your heart can
Find the way home.


  1. using "heart" as the protagonist of the piece really makes this shine. excellent companion 33, Tina. Bravo.

    1. Thank you! I fretted over that for a couple of hours, unsure if it 'fit'.

  2. What a wonderful addition to the first piece. It adds an excellent layer to the story.

  3. oooh, I hope you add again...three times?I think maybe!

    1. You are right, but I will have to think about what the third verse should say.

  4. This is the perfect follow up to the first entry. I love how you have their heart leading the way home. Very nicely done!

  5. Tricky paths... One light and one dark! The heart knows which way for sure especially to the comfort of home. Fantastic sequel. More, please.

  6. The addition is different but fits so nicely. I love this. That's all I can say. So good!


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