Sunday, September 23, 2012


optional prompt: sick as a dog

In the animal world, if you're sick and you let other animals know that you are sick, then you are a dead animal.  The reality is that the weak or the old are considered to be food.  The best that some animals can hope for is that the pack will just leave them behind one day, to fend for themselves, or die alone.  That's kind of tragic, but it really is the circle of life.  Animals die and become food for an entire group of animals, even insects. 

This is why I don't often talk about my illnesses.  If I have a migraine, you might notice me wincing, and I'm likely to bite your head off if you speak too loudly, but I am at work and I am working. I am not talking about how much pain I am in. Not one word. On the days when my fibromyalgia is flaring, I might move more slowly, but other than that, nobody knows.  My entire family is the same way.

My mother-in-law, on the other hand, LIVES to talk about her ailments.  That is all she talks about. She will go on and on for hours about her colon, in elaborate detail. Showing any sort of sympathy just prolongs the agony.  It drives me nuts. I don't understand anyone who advertises their maladies so blatantly. Surely she doesn't want anyone to kill and eat her?   I would hope not, but you never know with some people.  Yeah, I went there. 


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  1. In my experience it's the people with chronic ailments who do not chronicle them! I've got a low tolerance for hypochondriacs - actually, ANYONE who whines/complains rather than get on with the job! Quite apart from anything else, don't they realise it bores the rest of us rigid??!!

  2. Yes, that's why I'd rather just hid in a hole in my room until I'm better. Interesting parellel with the animals! :)

  3. This is good. Very valid points there.


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