Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Housekeeping

Zane had his first "Red" mark in his behavior folder this past week.  Having read all the parenting books(okay, I read all the damn books, but Larry sat next to me while I read them. That counts, right?), we decided to discuss Zane's behavior with him. Turns out that Zane's natural exuberance made him run in the classroom, and he did not want to stop running when the teacher asked him to stop.  So he kept on running, and was given a red mark in his behavior folder.  After speaking to Zane about why running is not always the thing to do, I tried to wrap things up.

Me:  Zane, you need to do what your teacher says the first time she says it.
Zane: Yeah, that's not going to work for me, Mom.
Me: ---

I was speechless, but only because I was attempting not to guffaw.   It is really difficult to be stern and parental when you're cracking up.  Larry actually snorted. Then he had to text all of our relatives about it, so they could laugh for us. Or at us.  I've never really been sure. 

 In case you've not heard, the above book makes Fifty Shades of Gray seem extremely vanilla.  I purchased this particular book back when I was in college, and I certainly did NOT find it at Target.   In fact, I think that I had to put on a wig, trenchcoat, and sunglasses and head for a particular adult bookstore on Sixth Street in Austin.  It was totally worth it, but I certainly never expected to find this same book on the shelf at Target for 20% off.  The times sure have changed--next thing you know, Debby Does Dallas will appear on an endcap at Walmart. If that does happen, I hope that Zane is long past the "Fun with Phonics" stage of reading development.
 When you say the title out loud, it totally sounds like a porno, right?

I am seriously considering hiring a handyman.  There are several "jobs" that need to be taken care of  around the house.  Simple jobs, really.  I could probably do some of them.  Every time I've mentioned it, however, Larry says that he will do them.  Which would be fine, except that it's been over a year or more.  My husband has good intentions, but he is easily distracted, and lately he's been all wrapped up in the world of recreational soccer.  I don't want to be a nagging wife.  I am pretty sure that I can do some of these jobs, like recaulking the bathtub. The only reason that I haven't hired someone to come over and take care of all these little jobs is because my house is a complete mess.  I am embarrassed about that, but really, should that be all my fault?  I certainly try to pick up after everyone, but I am only one person, and there's three of us making the mess.  I am kind of outnumbered!  I would eventually like to hire a person to come in and clean once a month, but we have a few more bills to pay off first.  I think that that would take pressure off of me, and would probably eliminate at least a couple of the things that Larry and I fight about. 

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  1. I love it when our words come back to haunt us. Well, not me personally but it is funny to hear Zane say that....I'm laughing with you! With you!!!

  2. What? There are books on parenting? Hmmmm, that might've been a good idea! Honesty is a good thing, and he was truly being that!

    I didn't read any of the shades, but now am intrigued by Anne!

    Caulk the tub--almost soothing I thought the first time, when I did the best job not really knowing what I was doing...subsequent attempts left me trying too hard and not being as neat!

  3. I love those comments from kids - they are so innocent but so darn funny!

  4. OMG I love you! Ooooh, that kinda sounds stalkerish, doesn't it? First, you made me laugh so hard I had to read portions of your blog out loud to the hubby, because he was wondering what on god's green earth was so funny. Second, Zane sounds EXACTLY like Princess Nagger, Larry sounds EXACTLY like my hubby, and you sound EXACTLY like me! I swear we must be twins living in a parallel universe or something. Probably the 'or something'. Heh.

    We have a lot of house projects that the hubby has said he'd take care of...and hasn't yet. For, oh I don't know, 5-9 years. I could do them, but I'm working on "the principal of the thing". ;) And I have the EXACT same dilemma you do - I'm constantly picking up after my hubby and kids - but as fast as I pick up, they're making a mess again. I'd love to hire someone to clean, but I'd be compulsive enough to have to clean before they came over to clean - you know, so I wouldn't be embarrassed. :)

    Thanks for hooking up - I mean linking up - and playing along on RTT - I'm so sorry I'm so freaking late visiting you. :)


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