Sunday, September 16, 2012

Driving Along

optional prompt: driving along

 I love to drive.  

Yeah, I so went there.  

I am a woman, and I love to drive. 

I especially love to drive the backroads. 

I love to sit behind the wheel, my hands gripping the steering, and push my right foot to the floor until the countryside blurs around me.  I love swooping over rolling hills as the cows chew on the grass of the pastures. I love turning my music as loud as I can stand as the world whizzes past.  

Highway to Hell?  La Grange? Killing in the Name?  Prime driving music.

I like that feeling of control.  

I don't really get to have that much control over my life anymore.  No adult truly has control. After all, I have a husband and a child, and they come first in my life.  That is as it should be, but my life often revolves around their schedules in addition to my own. And at work, I have federal guidelines, deadlines to follow, and a boss who calls most of the shots, so not much control there if I want a paycheck.  

But out there?  Two lanes of black top, curving through farmland and over hills? 

It's on.


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  1. Oh, very nice! As I only have my permit, I don't get very much control on the road any more than I do in the rest of my life. But I can see how driving would be a much needed release for an adult.

  2. Ah, loved this piece. Just the flow of words...perfect. I was feeling the wind in my face... :)

  3. I want to ride in the passenger seat of your car! I liked driving so much more when I didn't seem to have as many places I had to go!

  4. We all have our own zones where we are the kings or queens. These are the little things that keep us sane through the mad rush of getting to the next task. Really it's like a piece of nirvana in a life bound by duty.


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