Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Fiver

optional prompt: about the dads!

It is Father's Day in Australia.  I had no idea that other countries had a holiday for dads.  I thought that was just an American thing.  We do love our holidays, if the greeting card companies are any indication. 

The definition of a good father has certainly changed over the years.  From just being a provider and protector but not much else, a dad these days is seen as an equal parent.  It used to be that the dad left all the child-rearing to the mom; not anymore.  Today you are just as likely to see dads walking with strollers as you are a mother.  You are just as likely to have a dad show up for the parent-teacher conference, too. 

Dads seem to be more defensive about their child's behavior than mothers.  I know that when my husband and I are at conferences for my son, Larry wants to make excuses for why Zane does what he does, and he expects the teachers to make accommodations accordingly.  I don't always think that is a good idea.  Larry seems to expect the world to learn to fit Zane, instead of Zane finding his own place in the world.  If Larry could he would 'give' the world to his son. 

I guess that is a new definition of a good father.

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  1. So true! And it's great to see things like fathers at playgrounds hanging out with the kids. Special! There's nothing like a great loving dad who wants to be a big part of your life. :)

    Yes! We do a lot of the same holidays as America (except 4th of July for obvious reasons! :P). And Halloween isn't big either. But bring on the others!

  2. I'm enjoying this generation of father's -- my own husband is more intent on being a dedicated dad to his babies...sometimes I think he's trying to do everything he feels his dad did not do for him. My hubby would give the world to his son too if he could!

    You know, something I miss about the USA, is that you have a holiday for everything! I really love how Americans love to celebrate everything -- it might just be to make money but seriously, we all need more prompts to show people that we think of them and appreciate them more often!


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