Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random Acts of Sweetness!

A lot of times we think that nobody is paying attention to us.  We get discouraged when it seems as though all that we do is ignored or dismissed.  It's not that we ever intend to ignore anyone, it just happens.  I think that women, especially, as they become wives and mothers, lose track of some threads of the relationships they cherish.  It's difficult to pay attention to everything, so we have to let go to focus on our families.  It's not wrong, it just is, but the relationships that women form with other women are important, too.  We just need to make time for them, and show that we are paying attention with our actions.  Random acts of sweetness/kindness to each other goes a long way.    

My husband came into the house the other day with a package.  He was talking, but the manilla color of the package distracted me.  A package!!!   Here I am, an adult, and I still get a bit excited when there is a package in the mail, even if I know what it is.  It was all I could do not to jump out of my chair and grab the Precious. 

Finally, Larry handed me the package.  It was addressed to me...and to Zane!  I called him over and showed him his name on the outside of the package.  He was very excited, and could barely wait for me to reveal the contents.  We opened the package to find something that was EXACTLY what we had been looking for!

We had been looking for the White Ninja, who goes by the name of...Zane, for awhile.  We didn't think that the boy would be interested in the Ninjago series on television.  We were wrong.  Unfortunately for us, everyone else in our immediate area likes the series too. Everywhere we looked, the shelves were empty.  We even looked for the White Ninja at the Lego Discovery Center, only to be disappointed. 

Until my wonderful friend Andrea over at Maybe It's Just Me, who is one of the sweetest people on planet Earth, sent us this package.  Her son, who is an expert in Legos, helped her find it.  I was floored by their generosity.  It's been a long time since someone has been so sweet to me and my family, and I have been smiling randomly about it ever since. 

My son, just a beginner at Lego collecting, was beside himself with happiness.  We had to immediately open the box and put everything together.

I managed to snag this photo before the whole thing was whisked away for playing purposes.  Cries of "NINJAGO!" filled the air until bedtime, to be continued the next morning.  Zane holds his White Ninja and spins himself around until he is dizzy or runs into furniture, and he loves it.  I love it as well, at least after I moved a few potentially bumpy items out of the way.  

Andrea, you and your son rock.  THANK YOU for this wonderful, thoughtful gift.  You brought joy to our formerly ninja-less home, and that is priceless.  

***Andrea also sent me a little something for me as well, knowing my love of Lego mini-figures.
Okay, so I use my coffee maker as a pedestal for pictures! Don't hate me!
 She sent me Thor!  The God of Thunder and Avengers fame.  I plan to take him to work so he can smite all the paperwork off of my desk.   At least I hope he can do that.  It's a lot of paperwork. 

What random acts of sweetness have made your day?  Do tell in the comments so we can all smile!


  1. I have one that happened last week but I can't write it here because I am going to be blogging about it myself in the near future!!
    Sooooo happy that you had this happen! So deserved!

  2. I love it. I completely understand that reaction. My hubby collects the Star Wars legos and gets rather excited when he find/gets one he doesn't have. I'm figuring my son (when he's big enough since he's actually due any day now) will end up the same if his daddy has anything to do with it.

    I'm always touched by the kids I work with when they do simple things like hold the door for me and such. They're troubled kids and many people don't expect even simple things like that from them.

  3. That is really awesome! Enjoy them!

  4. Aw are so very welcome! Sometimes it really is the little things, and your thank you, and the thought of your sweet Zane (aka, Ninja Zane) twirling about makes me smile as well!

  5. So Awesome. But tell me the truth... is Thor hanging out in your Kurieg? Because if he hangs out by the coffee pot all day long he's not going to get any paperwork done. :)

    I work for the Post Office. Most days when I get a package, my carrier just walks it over to me to take home. Today I was beyond excited because I had forgotten that I had won a free bag of cat food. And it came in a big box.

    Seriously... I was giddy over CAT food.


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