Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lego Love

At the end of our vacation, we had a treat for Zane.  It was stupendous.  It was colossal.  It was...The Lego Discovery Center! 

Yes, they have one of these places in Grapevine, and apparently it is Nerdvana for children and men alike.  We had to wait in line, because the joint was slammed with people.  In the first portion of the visit, they discuss how they make the lego bricks, and each child gets a commemorative brick for "helping" to make some legos.  Then the children are let loose, and a frenzy ensues.  Okay, maybe not a frenzy.

These legos were HUGE, and soft.  I wish that they sold these, because I could totally build a nice castle in my bedroom using these bricks! 

I wasn't the only adult thinking of playing with these bricks--there were a couple of adults IN the pit building a tower with these legos.  They originally showed up with a child, but I'm pretty sure that they bricked her up in the tower, which ended up being well over six feet high. 

There were lots of cool things made out of lego bricks, too.  I admire the patience of people who spend hours and hours and hours doing nothing but putting legos together to form buildings or mountains or whatever.  I am also sure that many of these people do not date. Ever. When would they have the time?

This is downtown Dallas, Texas.

I am not really sure what this is, but I thought that it looked cool.

This is the gigantic Ferris wheel that shows up at the State Fair.

This is an airport, and an airplane built out of legos. It may actually fly.

Zane and his father had a blast, and I had a blast watching them have a blast, so it was all good.  Zane is currently into Ninjago, and there's a ninja named Zane that we were trying to find, with no luck this time. 

That's it for our wonderful, kid-friendly vacation.  We had fun, got sweaty, and slept in hotels for a week, but it is time to go back home and do laundry and upload pictures and all those wonderful things that make a house a home.  I will be glad to pet my cats and see if my houseplants survived.  School will be starting up soon, but I'm not going to think about that! 


  1. Hahaha, so how much Lego did you actually BUY?!?!?! I'm sure the discovery centre is all a hugely enjoyable, but diabolically clever marketing ploy!!!

    Maybe the 'cool' one is Buckingham Palace in London??

  2. A ninja named Zane?! Oh it has been awhile since I had a toy quest...thank you!


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