Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Once Dreamt Of Being A Photographer

I got a new camera for my birthday.  Consequently, I've become a photograph-shooting fool.  So when we passed the abandoned wreckage of a house in Glen Rose, I made my husband and son sit in the air conditioning of the car while I took photos of the place.

I don't know anything about this house, except that it was there, it looked abandoned, and it probably burned down.  Which made me a little sad.  Someone obviously cared enough to spend hours creating the designs on the walls. 

While I was taking my pictures, various stories about the people who might have lived there went spinning through my head.  A man lovingly creating a house to bring his bride home, only to burn it down when she spurns his advances; an old couple living out their days, until one night their home burned down with them asleep inside.

I have a vivid imagination, but it's rare that an abandoned building is unusual enough to trigger such ruminations.  Plus, I got that "if I turn around really fast there will be a ghost standing behind me" vibe during my fifteen minutes looking about.  Many abandoned places seem alive with stories, just waiting to be told. 

This shot made me think of a fort in the Old West.

Maybe this small window was stained glass?

I think these are cedar logs, along with limestone rocks, but I'm certainly not an expert.

I just thought that this looked cool.

It's a shame that such a meticulously crafted home should be left empty and abandoned.   I made sure to say "Thank you" to the air around the house before I walked back to the car. 

Are there places in your world that seem alive with stories?


  1. I think it's your duty to track down the story behind this magnificent handiwork!! Welcome to the 'I've-got-a-camera-so-everything-is-suddenly-worthy-of-my-photographic-attention' club!!!!

    Or is that just me??!!

    PS Loving the door/window/outdoors shot!!!

  2. Love the pictures. That house looks incredible. Certainly writing inspiration worthy! I've found places like that as well - they are gems when you find them, aren't they?


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