Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Midnight Creepies

The TV in our bedroom is creeping me out.  Every night it has been turning on by itself and running through the channels.  Even though the screen is dark, you can tell that the television is on, and that is probably what wakes me up.  In the upper right hand corner there is a countdown rolling as it runs through channels. When it gets to the end of the channels, it starts over, counting down.  I have to get up and turn the television off manually.  Sometimes, the television doesn't want to turn off, and it takes several instances of me emphatically pushing the 'off' button before the power actually cuts off.  (No, I do not know where the remote is, but the remote never works in horror movies, so it's irrelevant.)

I wouldn't be so freaked if it wasn't happening around the same time every night, but around midnight, there it goes.  I saw the movie Poltergeist--I know what happens when a television turns itself on!  I would likely be even more concerned if the television was all static instead of dark.   I would also be freaking out if there was a video showing some girl with bad hair climbing out of a well.  But I would be especially hysterical if there was static with a child's voice calling for her mommy AND a video of a girl climbing out of a well.  That would just be too much.

Yeah, I've seen way too many horror movies. I stopped watching them awhile ago, but the ones that I did see are still floating around in the back of my mind, ready to jump out and scare me when I least expect it.  Stupid memory. 

I can't help but think that the television is counting down to someTHING.  Except what the heck would the television be counting down?  The hostile takeover of the machines in some sort of Terminator event?  Alien invasion?  Certainly not a zombie apocalypse, as zombies would be more likely to eat a television than follow a countdown. I can cross that one off the list.

My husband laughed when I told him that I was creeped out.  Of course he laughed.  HE sleeps through the whole thing!  I've unplugged the television, but my husband relies on the clock that is on the cable box, so he plugs it back in.  All of this means that I'm awake around midnight, watching the television for signs of life.  And if the television turns itself on...I must screw up what little courage I have, get up, and turn it off as quickly as I can find the button in the dark.

And Larry wonders why I am so tired.


  1. Well, yeah! I'd have a big case of the creeps too! And I don't need one more thing waking me or keeping me up at night.

    I've left something for you over at my place.

  2. Holy crap that would scare the pants off me. Especially since I have an active imagination. (My husband would sleep through it too =\)

  3. That certainly fits the definition of creepy. If it's not supernatural it must be a short somewhere. But why that would turn it on at midnight every night, hmmm. I'd be completely freaked out if this happened to me. I don't suppose you have a DVR connected to the TV and you're recording something at that hour? Good title for the post!

  4. That would creep me out too. I'd just move it out of the bedroom.

  5. I've probably seen too many horror movies too, but it would be hard to beat a tv that turns itself on and starts changing channels for creepy. Yikes!


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