Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is It Random Already?

Since the 4th, I have been completely discombobulated over what day it is.  I am working today, and I worked yesterday, so I needed to keep track.  I haven't been checking my smartphone for the date, and I should.  But the summer sun is so very hot, and having a holiday makes one feel as though it is the weekend, and then it just snowballs from there. 

Who are you, again?


My parents are out of town, and I am looking out for their garden.  My job is to check on the cantaloupe.  My dad fancies himself a gardener and he always tries to grow stuff like veggies and fruits.  Most of the time he has been successful. My parents also bought iPhones, and have been quick to learn the fine art of text messaging.  So I have been getting messages throughout the day, and I have been responding.  I have no idea why my dad is so avid for alerts regarding his cantaloupes, but it appears that I will be sending him daily updates that will all look like this:

Dad:  How did cantaloupe look?

Me:  They looked like cantaloupe.

I should probably not be surprised that my dad prefers to text Larry instead of me.



Google has been especially annoying lately.  It's like I'm having to "log in" and "verify" who I am daily on the same computer.   I thought that Google and I had a good relationship.  I thought we had established a measure of trust, that we could be free with each other, and speak our minds.  I was wrong.  Sign up for a couple of email accounts, and it's as if they forget who you are. I wouldn't be so upset, except that Google never sent me flowers.  I'm a bit sad about that.


We will be getting ready to head on our vacation soon.  We won't be going very far or be gone for very long, but just the idea of getting away has been fun.  This year, we are going to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas.  The boy loves him some dinosaurs, and he will love to see the foot prints of them, I am sure.  Except that now my husband wants to just stay in Glen Rose for a day, then head up to Grapevine for the rest of the time.  So now we are in negotiations.  We may plan another trip to the beach, but I think that we will wait until September.  There's a hotel we can stay at that is right on North Padre Island, right next to the beach.  It will still be warm enough for the beach, without all the tourists.  Well, except us. 


My son cannot "go" without removing all of his clothing.  No matter where we are, everything has to come off.  I guess that is a young boy thing?  It certainly has made dining out interesting, and I am not sure I will ever allow him to go to the men's room on his own if he's going to do that.  I can just see the guy monitoring the cameras at Walmart, watching my son come out of the men's room, sans clothing, with me standing there hollering.  It would likely make the national news.  I am not sure that I want to spend my fifteen minutes of fame that way. 


I'm visiting Stacy Uncorked and some gorgeous babes over at Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn because they are all excessively cheerful and scare all my bad moods away with their sunshiny ways. 



  1. LOL, my 5 year old has an issue with always pulling his pants down just to pee so we're really working on that too.

  2. Can I admit to some jealousy that your son will at least go to the bathroom? Bruiser still thinks that diapers are so much easier. Sigh, one of these days he'll decide that wearing them is not the fashion statement he want to make.
    Last week's holiday did screw up our whole schedule. Wednesday holidays stink--hard to attach to a weekend so, there you go.

  3. A margarita and then the bra.

  4. Measure them and send him their size. That should surprise dad! Same with google and me. I thought it was from jumping around from laptop to laptop using everyones. Have a great vacation. Anytime away is awesome!

    1. Oh, and I so agree with taking off the bra!!! But as Nadine said above, I'll add a glass of wine.

  5. Oh, my nephew is almost 3 and will not pee in his bathing suit in the ocean...nope had to remove himself to pee for the beach to see (luckily he was in the yard when he decided to conduct more serious business...without a net so to speak!)

    Do you have to rotate the melons daily...the ones in the garden!

  6. I bet he's growing some fine cantaloupe! (I totally had to scroll up to see how to spell it--very sad!) I love it with a little salt....and Captain Morgan...

    My daughter totally gets undressed to go potty. Why do they do that? It drives me insane!!!

    Thanks for linking up!!!


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