Monday, July 2, 2012

Climbing Mount Random

After my trauma last week, in which I pulled a living snake from the nose of my cat, I'm still having random spasms of "EWWWW!"   I am not sure why the whole episode is still resonating on my girlie meter, but it is.  I would like to say that this is the oddest thing that has ever happened to me, but that's like tempting the fates and completely discounting my college years.  Zena did bring me another snake, but she wisely did not try to eat it or kill it.  She was also nice enough to leave it on the patio instead of in her nose, so I was able to catch it(it was a Brown snake), and release it outside of our yard.  Any creature that eats bugs is welcome, as long as I don't see them.  Are there any invisible bug-eating creatures? I didn't think so.  Maybe if there is a zombie apocalypse, they'll eat insects instead of brains.  That might not make the news, but it certainly would be beneficial.

I sometimes wonder if politics would be so horrifically extremist if the media didn't report a word of it.  Seems to me that if there wasn't a camera stuck in people's faces, you wouldn't be hearing all the politicians whine when they don't get their way and call each other names.  You know that behind closed doors, they are all best friends! That is how politics works in the real world--relationships are all.  I would like for the media to film Congress 24/7.  A reality show.  Also, I think that they should electrify all of the seats in Congress, so that if somebody says something stupid, their colleagues can shock them.  I would say to let the voters shock them, but you know how that would turn out.

This Lego minifigure cracks me up.  That is all.

My cat Pounce follows me everywhere when I am upstairs.  She will jump up next to me, get comfy, and doze off.  She purrs the entire time she does this.  Purring is so relaxing to listen to that I often start to nod off.  Even if I just woke up.  If we could bottle that, the stress levels of America would fall, and we'd all sleep better.

Why do little boys smell so sweet?  My son, when I can hold him still long enough, smells like candy or cookies.  Even when he is all sweaty and dirty, that heavenly smell is underlying the stinky.  I am sure that it is some sort of survival technique for when a boy brings a live frog into the house, or when he gets his best clothes all dirty.  It certainly is difficult to stay mad at someone who smells like cake.  I guess that when he doesn't smell like that anymore, he's grown up?  That will be a sad day, I think.

What is with all those obnoxious commercials on the cartoon channels?  Stuffies?  Really?  Are you serious?   Do you know how many horribly off color jokes that I--*cough* --someone can come up with for that product name alone?  Do you know how hard it is to NOT think about any of those jokes?  

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  1. I missed last week's link up. What's this crazy stuff about your cat having a snake up his nose? That's so wild! I think I would be freaked out just a bit over that one, too.

    Now following you via Random Tuesday Thoughts!^.^

  2. Commercials on Cartoon channels are always obnoxious. And they never fail to make my kids lust for the things they are selling.

  3. I can't help but wonder if your cat is as traumatized by the snake-in-the-nose thing as you are. Although I do not blame you one bit.

    Love the electric chair idea. I wonder if I can get a few of those for the office.

  4. A snake IN your cats nose? Shut up! I thought funding a dead one tapped to the back of a picture last week was bad!

    I have never smelt a hot, fresh from outside little boy who smelled of cake. What are you feeding him?

    Stuffies? I need to Google those.

    Thanks for linking up, dontcha just love Tuesdays!

  5. Oh the changing smell of little boys is sad for so many reasons, especially since the new one is nowhere near as pleasing!

    We are well on our way into collecting the current series of minifigs--that one is a funny one---the gold medal swimmer makes me laugh too!

  6. The snake would rate on my girlie meter... forever!

    I love the congress idea.

    My boys all smell. And not like sugary goodness. Nope. They smell like farts, sweat, and french fries.

    That's all I've got.

  7. Ok! I can't do snakes of any kind. That story grosses me out! I actually get what you mean about the sweet underlying smell of a boy but I will add the word young. Young boys smell like that. Wsh I could hv participated.

  8. All I have to say is the only good snake is a dead snake. That is the one creature I care not to see.... YUCK!


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