Sunday, June 10, 2012

So The Lights Went Out

We were in the middle of a favorite episode of Call of The Wildman.  The Turtle Man had just cornered a fox in the hen house, live action, and was hollering for his 'team' to bring him the cage.  I was wondering if the fox had signed a release form to be on television.

All of a sudden, the lights went out.  We don't know why.  There were no storms in our area.  We suspected that either someone had crashed their car into a transformer, or some random squirrel chewed on the wrong wire and got cooked.  However it happened, we were in darkness.

Zane did not understand why the lights were out.  He was a little nervous. We patiently explained about the electricity and how it ran things and made the lights come on, etc.  Zane listened to us, and then asked us why the lights were out, and more importantly, why the tv wasn't on.  We explained again, or at least, Larry did.  I was busy looking for the various lanterns and candles to put a bit of light on the subject.   I have them stashed all over the house for these sorts of situations.  I used to have flashlights all over, but my husband is notorious for picking things up and putting them in different places, never to be found again.  Lanterns are less likely to wander off.

I also remembered that I had this little beauty:

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

The thing about a lot of 'emergency' items is that they require batteries.  What is the very first thing that sells out when there's an emergency?  Batteries.  I have been in the middle of the battery aisle right before a hurricane was supposed to hit land--I was lucky to escape with my dignity.  That radio/flashlight/cell phone charger is not only solar powered, but there's also a handcrank.  I couldn't use the solar battery, since it was dark outside, but not to worry!  You use the crank, and it provides power.  It doesn't need batteries at all.  I found it on Amazon, along with a 'self-powered'  lantern.   I cranked it up, turned on the flashlight, and put it next to Zane so he had a light in the darkness. 

Then I picked it back up, and started to play with it. I was just too fascinated by my newest gadget. I even found the USB plug, and plugged my cell phone into it, just to see it charging while I turned the crank.  I was in that zone Larry and I call 'nerdvana', playing happily in the dark. 

I was almost sorry when the lights came back on.

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  1. Hahaha! Love your 'nerdvana' concept!! You'll rule the world one day, you know!!!


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