Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Little Help

I was feeling blurry and brainless last night, and the blogging ideas weren't coming along.  My dearest spouse was kind enough to take the boy and head for a Scorpions soccer game, and the house was quiet.  This should have been the perfect time for me to write a blog post.  Nada.  No bright ideas popped into my consciousness.

I read other people's blogs, hoping that that would get the creative juices flowing. 

I turned off the television. 

I went outside. 

I fed Lalo and Smoky Bear, the two feral cats who live in the bushes in the back yard.

I got the coffee ready for tomorrow.

I actually did the dishes, and I hate doing the dishes in an extreme way.  I was that desperate for ideas.

And then, I had an idea.  I would ask my people on Facebook!  Those people are always giving their opinions--why not let them tell me what to write about?  Collectively they are an intelligent bunch.  I typed out my status/request and the responses I got:

What should I blog about for tomorrow? My brain is 'Le Tired', and not forming coherent sentences.

A. Just start typing and see what happens.

B. Awesome and disastrous implications of portal guns

C.  And expose on George Clinton called "Those Guys Have All the Funk"

Talk about bringing the challenge!    I can't really write anything about George Clinton.  George Clinton has always had The Funk.  He's always had The Funk.  I've never actually wanted The Funk, anyway.  Where would I put it?  You can't just leave The Funk lying around the house--what if my son gets into The Funk?  The Funk requires the ability to get down...and talk about the roof being on fire.  That's just not responsible parenting in my book.

Portal guns are a little harder, because I don't know much about them.   Of course, I googled and found what I was looking for .   I read all about them...and...yeah.  I have to face the fact that it is possible that my brain was taken by zombies while I was working today. All that physics stuff is going to take a bit to digest.  In other words, I'll have to ask my husband, the gamer, to explain.

But then my wonderful friend, Jillsmo, over at Yeah. Good Times. said to just "start typing and see what happens."  She is brilliant, isn't she?  She is my Zen master, and I heart her.   Any journey always begins with the first step, doesn't it? I do have a tendency to over think things, when I really should just let things flow.  If nothing else, I've at least got my ideas on the paper.  

On another topic, what do you think of my redecoration efforts?  I am not sure of the color--it's a bit darker than I would like.  Is it difficult to read?



  1. Dark is good.

    But I can't believe you actually read my blog and it DIDN'T give you inspiration!!! Where did I go wrong??

    PS I *know* you read my blog because you were kind enough to leave a comment ... unlike me in recent times!

    1. I guess that I was overwhelmed by those pictures of mountain tops!

  2. I love the blue. It's peaceful to me. Also, this is very easy to read.

    I, like you, struggle with what to write... a lot. Then I just start throwing spaghetti against the wall (figuratively) to see what sticks. I guess it forms from there. Going over to check out Jillsmo's blog!

  3. I like the blue... and the white font shows up well.

    But for what it's worth... I was interested in the portal gun piece, since Oldest has made several from legos lately. :)

    1. Maybe I will write about portal guns once I read a bit more about them!

  4. when in doubt of what to write--i am inclined to go with just start and see where it takes you, too!! i like the dark blue

    1. I have trouble with spontaneity. I need to work on that!


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