Monday, June 11, 2012

Feeling So Very Random

We've come into a little extra cash(I'm working extra days this summer).  Remember when we were kids and you could save up your allowance or your earnings from a summer job for something extravagant and frivolous like sea monkeys or x-ray goggles?  I would love to be able to take all of the cash that I'm earning and spend it all on a spa weekend at a resort, or maybe a life-sized replica of Batman.  Except that...we need a new lawn mower, a new fence, new flooring, and a couple of other things around the house fixed.  I hate that I can't take any sort of childish joy in the idea of a new floor, but there it is.  Although a life-sized Batman would look really great on wood laminate.  (Can you imagine someone breaking into a house and seeing the silhouette of Batman standing there in the dark?) 

My son drew this.  I think it looks like a computer monitor and keyboard.  Which is funny, and probably a sign that we spend too much time online.   You never know where a kid's imagination will go.   I love listening to Zane playing with his toys.  He makes them talk to each other, and he has them fight and make up and be friends again.  In his world, the Joker and Superman can hang out and be buds, but only until there's shenanigans. (Note: four year olds don't really know how to say the word "shenanigans", and it's so adorable to listen to them try!)

True Blood started up this week!!!   Squeeee!  (Sorry, I'm told that sound is required.)  The next sentence is a spoiler: I am not sure how I feel about Tara living, let alone her being a vamp.  Okay, that is all of the spoilers for this episode. 

When I signed up to be a soccer mom, I had no idea what a seething cesspool of political machinations the recreational soccer world is.  Nobody talks about that part of the fun.  Is that part of every kid sport--the politics?  I hate having to watch what I say so I don't get my child 'blacklisted', and you know, if it's going to be that ridiculous, there's probably another soccer league out in our area, right?

My cat Zena is a wanderer, and she likes to wander through the tall grass out behind the fence.  Lately when she comes home, she is covered in sticker burrs.  Hundreds of them, all over!  I have to get out the brush and get as many out of her fur as I can, just because they seem so painful, all tangled up in her fur.  Is Zena appreciative of my efforts?  No, she is not.  She tries to nip me every single time.  Perhaps I am going about this the wrong way--maybe sticker burrs have fiber, and Zena was trying to get her daily dose?

What does this sign say?  It says that pets are prohibited in the pool. Check. It says that changing diapers in the pool is prohibited. Ew, and Check.  And it says that the use of the "public interactive water feature or fountain if a person is infected with a contagious disease or condition is prohibited."   My question would be regarding who is checking for contagious diseases before allowing people to enter the pool?  Is there someone in the dressing room asking people to pee in a cup or drawing their blood and checking it under a microscope?  I guess they're doing this one the honor system.  I didn't realize that I needed to make sure that my vaccinations were up to date before I hit the pool. 

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  1. I KNEW Tara would be a vampire! I only wish they had just killed her off; she's pretty useless on that show. Anyway, happy Tuesday.

  2. I love your random posts. They crack me up. I so bought those sea monkeys and tried every which way to grow them. Didn't work.

    Hey! Since you watch True Blood, and I don't but should, look for my friend. His name is Brian Geraghty. He'll be playing the guy living in the woods.

    The S%$T Sherlocks. Masters of the obvious but too funny!

  3. Our kids play indoor soccer. The 3 year olds don't play games- they learn skills. The 5 year olds have a skills lesson followed by a scrimage. The parents help their kids out on the field if they need it (my husband usually stands out there close to our kids and helps explain things if they didn't understand the coach). That means no parent volunteers, no politics, no crazy parents yelling at their kids or other kids... just fun! I'm more than happy to skip all the stuff that goes along with the leagues.

  4. That sign is seriously disturbing! Must they have that last rule about disease? That would make me NOT want to swim. When I think of public pools, I think about all the pee that's in them. Eww! But, a day at the pool is much better than a day at the lake. I once saw a piece of poo float by me in the lake. True story.

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. You know, they only make a rule because some did that very thing once. People have absolutely no common sense.

  6. I love when kids make their toys talk to each other. My 3 year old has been making her princess barbies have some seriously long conversations lol

  7. Some times being a grown up and having to spend your money wisely really sucks! I'm with you, I think a day/weekend at the spa sounds much better than a new lawn mower!

    That sign would make me turn and leave. What in the world is going on in That area that would require such a signa? EWWW

    Thanks for joining the party!

  8. Isn't that a bummer when you actually have a little extra cash to spend, you end up having to be 'responsible' with it? ;) And yes, I totally think a life sized Batman is a necessity.

    Oh man, getting burrs out of a cat's fur has got to be an adventure. It's adventurous enough for me to remove them from our dog's fur.

    I love the drawing - it is funny how kids will try to imitate us, isn't it? Princess Nagger converted a box into a makeshift laptop once. ;)

    That sign makes you wonder what happened din that pool that would necessitate such a sign - like Shawn said, it'd make me turn around and leave! :)

    Funny Lists, Winemaking Fun, Tricky Eyeballs and Serious Brain Trouble

  9. So here I am reading your post... and I get sidetracked by the names... Zane and Zena... then I have to go look up if those were the names of the Wonder Twins, which they were not, and now I'm so distracted I have no idea what I was going to say... who's random now?

    1. My random post made you feel random? My work here is done.

  10. Hmmm, I was thinking a pirate ship for that drawing! Oh the politics of kids' hiss!

    1. Oh, and the water park we went to recently also added no open wounds to the list...ewwwwww

    2. I am with you on the ewwwww! And the politics, too!

  11. Yeah, all kid sports are political. Ridiculousness.

    And now I want a Batman guarding my kitchen


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