Sunday, June 17, 2012

At The Mercy Of Technology

Last week I discussed how, in the middle of everything, our power went out.  It was not a horrible experience, in the grand scheme.  And yet...

Ever since the power outage, our 'big' computers have been misbehaving. 

One of the computers seems to have developed a form of sentience, and is using its powers for shenanigans. It keeps kicking me off the internet, often in the middle of everything.  It also doesn't like the current desktop setup. So when it boots, it pulls in a previous desktop that it likes better.  Maybe it doesn't like the Green Lantern desktop, I told my husband.

Computers don't care what their desktops look like, Larry says.  I pointed out that most of the time, we give the talking computers female voices, so why wouldn't they also have a female's interest in dressing up and looking pretty on occasion? 

It could happen, you know. 

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